Koala Mask’s Weekly Wrestle Awards

Here’s the best that the wrestles had to offer (in GIF form) this week. Enjoy!


Best Human Skateboard: Big E Langston

Cesaro goes Big E boarding


Best Superkick: Tamina

Unrack that woman!


Best Superkickee: Nikki Bella’s Face

Tamina is still scraping Bella off her boot


Worst Dancer: Sweet Tensai Tea

With the style and grace of Brodus Clay


Worster Dancer: Michael “GDYC” Cole

The white is strong with this one


Best Suicide Slide: Rey Mysterio

The suicide flop


Best Piñata: John Cena

Jerry was right, just like a piñata

Best Rollup: AJ Lee

Ultra Rollup &gt; Sharp Shooter<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
(naturally this version is hosed because tumblr, click here for a better version.



Thanks to wrasslormonkey.tumblr.com for the GIFS.

How about that comic with the Platypus Ninja? Pretty good times, eh?