The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles GIFS: WWE Raw 2/3/2014

Welcome to The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles GIFS: WWE Raw 2/3/2014

Special thanks to and for their wonderful GIFS!

Let’s get giffy then, shall we?


The Bad: Ziggler’s Butt

Guess she’s tough to impress! (by @WrasslorMonkey)

Me too, honey. 

The Good: Aksana Stretch

Aksana has been looking fairly good recently. As in she actually won a match on Raw.

The Bad: Aksana’s Knee.

Aksana, Naomi, gif, WWE, RAW, Knee, Botch, wrestling

And then that happened. Whose great idea was this spot? I hope Naomi’s eye makes a speedy recovery. Goodbye Aksana’s miniscule hope of a push.

The Scary: Scary Dean is scary.

Dean Ambrose, gif, WWE, RAW, wrestling

The Good: Super Roman

Roman Reigns has the only best Superman punch, and best spear in the game.  And after RAW, the best stitches in his eye thanks to Big E’s big pectorals.

 The Sad: Antonio Cesaro

There there.

The Nuts: Cody Rhodes, what the heck are you doing?

That landing! Come on, Cody. What are you, Kurt Angle?

The Good/Bad: Emma is on Raw!!! 

And she’s dancing for a crowd who doesn’t give a hoot. Speaking of hoots. It’s great to see fellow Australian and presumed koala lover on WWE RAW. Unfortunately this spot died a painful death thanks to the lifeless Australia hating crowd.

The Bad: These guys and their goofy outfits. 

The only part about Brotista’s return that I’ve enjoyed is getting to see what ridiculous attire he dons each week. Seriously, that’s the only part.

The Good: Drunk JBL

The Unfortunate: Kane

Don’t worry, Kane. It happens to all of us at some stage. snicker snicker.