The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles: WWE NXT on Hulu 2/5/2014

The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles: WWE NXT on Hulu 2/5/2014

by Zach Dominello
Twitter: @fancy_less

Welcome to the best weekly wrestling show around, NXT.
Tensai, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton were on commentary for this week’s episode.

The Good: Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton were on commentary, and Alex Riley wasn’t!
No Alex Riley tonight. Instead we got Tensai, who is getting better each time he’s on commentary.

Opening Match: Sin Cara vs. Alexander Rusev w/ Lana
Lana came out first to introduce Rusev in Bulgarian(?). Sin Hunico continues to be a better Sin Cara in WWE than the original Sin Cara was.
Very straightforward Rusev match. Rusev dominated early on, Sin Hunico mounted a brief comeback, Rusev tapped him out with the Accolade (Camel Clutch).


Charlotte,Summer Rae,Sasha Banks,Alicia Fox:NXT 2/5/14

Emma vs. Alicia Fox
The Good: Tensai enjoys #emmadancing.
Tensai was pretty excited when Emma came out, so much that he even performed the Emma dance at the commentary table.

The Bad: Tom Phillips saying things.
During the match, Tom Philips noted that Alicia Fox was in bubble trouble. When called out for saying terrible things, he said that Emma uses the phrase all the time. Doe she really say that? Has she ever once said that on NXT?

Short match with some good back and forth. Emma picked up the win with the Emma Lock/Dil-Emma. Which one is it? Pick a name guys, or Tom Phillips will start calling it the Bubble Lock.

The Good: Tensai, “Let’s see some bubbles!”
This match made one thing for certain, Tensai really likes bubbles.

Emma cut a promo after the match saying that she’s ready for her championship match against Paige, as soon as Paige has recovered from her injury.
After the promo, the BFF’s came out to attack Emma. Emma got the best of them initially, but the numbers game caught up to her. Bailey and Natalya came out to make the save. After clearing the ring of the BFF’s, Emma, Bailey and Natalya danced the night away in the ring.

Sylvester Lefort vs. Mason Ryan
Ryan made very quick work of Lefort, getting the win with a cobra clutch slam (maybe. I think that’s what it’s called. It was a slam of some description.)
After the match, Mason Ryan walked backwards up the entrance ramp. I was certain he was going to be attacked by somebody, perhaps by Lefort’s new employee. But, nothing happened and we cut to Aiden English on the screen. Nice fakeout, that really threw me.

The Good: Aiden English will make you cry, Canada.
Aiden cut a very fancy promo on the screen saying that he wasn’t ashamed of threatening a man in a wheelchair last week. He also said he looked forward to his match with Canadian grappling sensation, Tyson Kidd, and then he sung a very nice rendition of the Canadian anthem, which included the lyrics, “Oh Canada, I hope I make you cry.” Brilliant!

Backstage Lefort was angry about losing to Ryan. He claimed that he will get hjevenge, hyjevenge. I think he said revenge.

Aiden English vs. Tyson Kidd
The Good: New Lyrics
Aiden English’s song as he walks to the ring has new lyrics. That’s good.

The Bad: Tyson’s theme music.
Tyson’s entrance music is hot garbage. Maybe Aiden can help him out with it after the match. They can sit down together over a couple of skinny lattes in Aiden’s studio and hash something out. Yes, Aiden has a studio. It’s where he works on his monologues.

Quick match with both guys getting in some good offense early on. Big Cass came out during the match and distracted English by putting on his scarf and beret. Cass threw the beret into the ring and over English’s head. When English turned around, Tyson hit him with the Blockbuster to pick up the win. This makes Big Cass and English even after last week’s distraction by English which caused Cass his match against Breeze. Oh that reminds me…

The Bad: Where’s Tyler Breeze tonight?
Not on NXT, that’s where.

The Good: Aiden English vs. Team SAWFT
I’m really enjoying the English-Team SAWFT feud. Each week one guy steps things up just a little bit more. Is anyone else seeing an Enzo Amore heel turn on Big Cass? I hope they don’t break up Team SAWFT, not yet anyway. I’m enjoying their ridiculous promos and conversations about boardgames too much for it to stop now.


Wanna make out?

Main Event: Adrian Neville vs. Corey Graves

The Bad: In a grudge match! As in I have a grudge against seeing these two wrestle each other again.
To be fair this match wasn’t so bad. Some good athletic moves by Neville early on. Graves took control of the match, focusing on Neville’s leg for much of the time. Nice fireman carry into a backbreaker by Graves. Graves teased a piledriver on the outside. Neville countered it into a back drop. Neville kicked Graves in the head from the outside ring apron to set up for the Red Arrow. Neville hilariously struggled/slid/pulled his way up to the top rope and hit the Red Arrow on Graves for the win.
Not a bad match, but nothing we haven’t seen from these two in the past. Graves wasn’t as terrible as he is said to be. His fireman carry into a backbreaker looked pretty good! That being said…

The Bad: Jeggings
Come on, Corey. Is that your knee pad sticking out of your jeggings?

Neville was selling his leg big time after the match. Bo Dallas came down to the ring looking very serious, presumably to attack a weakened Neville. But, before anything went down, Triple H came out. Triple H announced that the NXT Championship match on Feb 27th between Neville and Dallas is going to be a Ladder Match!

The Future Good: Red Arrow off the top of the ladder? Yes please!

That’s it for this episode of NXT. Pretty good show. Though most of the matches were really just about building up the big Feb 27th show. A show I am really looking forward to.

Thanks for reading!