ROH TV Report 2-1-2014

ROH TV Report 2/1/2014

This week is the final show from the Nashville Fairgrounds. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino were on commentary.

Top Prospects Tournament semi Final Match Hanson vs. Andrew Everett

Prince Nana joined Kelly and Corino on commentary for this one.

Hanson looks pretty big and scary, until he does his hand gesture thing that looks completely ridiculous. Everett is deceptively athletic. Looking at him he’s a bit pudgy, not cut at all. But the guy can go.

Hanson with upper hand early on, using his size and strength to his advantage.

Big sport where Everett went for a twisting dive to the outside but was caught by Hanson. It looked as though Everett was about to land face first to the floor. Fortunately Hanson made the catch. Hanson then threw Everett shoulder first into the ringpost.

Later in the match, Hanson went for a suicide dive, but Everett got out of the way leaving Hanson to crash and burn. Not bad for a big guy. Everett followed up with a spectacular springboard shooting star press to Hanson on the outside.

Everett went for another springboard attack, but Hanson caught him with “that” kick, as Corino put it, and got the win.

Good quick match. Hanson looks good, just needs a better pose.


Michael Bennet and Maria came out to the ring. Maria cut a promo saying that Kevin Steen is disgusting, just like the people in the crowd. She also said that Bennet doesn’t need to use the piledriver anymore because he’s got a new, better finisher.


Michael Bennet vs. Cedric Alexander

Bennet was in control for a lot of the match. Alexander tried to mount a comeback but Bennet kept cutting him off.

Maria asked Kevin Kelly if he thought Bennet looked sexy when he was all sweaty. Eew.

Alexander finally got in a bit of offense. He hit Bennet with his Kick to Kill finsher, a fireman’s carry into a headkick, but Bennet rolled out of the ring before Alexander could pin him. Back in the ring, Alexander went for a frogsplash but Bennet got his knees up. Bennet then hit a lariat followed by the Anaconda Vice to get Alexander to tap.

Looks like Bennet has taken a page out of CM Punks playbook by incorporating the Anaconda Vice into his arsenal. What else of Punk’s is he going to take?

Steve Corino played it as though he’d never seen the move before in the history of wrestling. Pretty funny.


Short AJ Styles promo video to hype is return tonight.

Short ROH promo to remind us that we’re watching ROH.


Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles

More than twenty minutes left before the show ends. This should be a lengthy main event. Nigel McGuinness joined the commentary team for this match.

Styles’ entrance music was a remixed version of Touched by VAST. Pretty good. Not much of a remix fan myself.

The Tale of the Tape showed that these two guys are pretty evenly matched, statistics wise anyway.

A bit of a stalemate early on. Roderick shouted that AJ was in his ring now. As opposed to someone else’s, I guess. AJ Styles gained control by hitting a nice dropkick on Strong. Strong rolled to the outside. AJ hit a pretty good looking feet first dive through the bottom and middle ropes. Similar to a baseball slide, but in the air.


Commercial break. Jay Lethal in the reddest shirt imaginable cut a promo. Not a bad promo. He talked about his upcoming 3-way match for the ROH Television championship against Matt Taven and Tomaso Ciampa. Man, that shirt is red.


Back to the match. Styles hit a pumphandle into a gutbuster on Strong. Seems like a convoluted way to hit a gutbuster. Styles went for a springboard attack but Strong cut him off with a dropkick.

Strong threw Styles into the barricades a few times. Strong then slammed AJ right on the edge of the ring. Looked rather painful. Back in the ring, both men went for a crossbody, resulting in both men crashing and burning. Styles in control after both men got back up. Styles hit his springboard forearm on Strong.


Another commercial break.


Styles went for the Styles Clash but Strong countered into a backdrop. Styles held on and went for another Styles Clash but Roderick escaped. Roderick Strong then got in a flurry of offense, hitting the high knee ala CM Punk in the corner followed by a backbreaker. Styles tried to hit his backflip into inverted DDT but Strong escaped. A quick exchange of kicks and strikes ending when AJ connected with the backflip into inverted DDT on his second attempt.

Big superplex from the top rope by Strong. Strong went for a double underhook something, a tiger driver perhaps, but AJ used the momentum of Strong picking him up to kick Strong in the head. Not a bad looking way to counter that move. Strong went to attack Styles in the corner but missed. Styles then hit the Pele kick and then Planted Strong with a brainbuster variation. Styles went for the pin but Strong kicked out at two.

Styles when for a springboard splash but slipped on the ropes. He still hit the splash but not very cleanly. Styles, while sat on the top turnbuckle, tried to pull Roderick up but Roderick escaped. Roderick pulled Styles off the turnbuckle and hit a backbreaker, quickly followed by the double knee gutbuster. Styles kicked out of the pin attempt.

Both men exchanged strikes. Styles rolled up Strong into the calf killer. Roderick rolled AJ into a pin but AJ kicked out at two. Another exchange of strikes. Roderick nailed AJ with the Sick Kick but couldn’t keep him down for the three count. Roderick picked up Styles but Styles countered into a headscissors. Roderick hit a knee to the jaw, AJ no sold it and hit a discus lariat, followed up by the now infamous Styles Clash to Strong for the win. What the heck was Strong trying to do there?

After the match Decade came out and attacked Styles, but a bunch of guys came out from the back and made the save.

Pretty good match by Strong and Styles. They should form a team so that they can be called Strongstyle.

You can watch the show now for free here.

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