I Don’t Buy It!


5 Spots in Wrestling That I Don’t Buy!

Wrestling is the best, but there are just some things my logical brain can’t buy. For instance…

Booyaka Booyaka 6-1-No

I’m gonna go fall right here on this middle rope, where I never ever fall any in other other match with any other person. Just for you, Rey

I love Rey Mysterio. He’s been one of my favourite guys since his WCW feud with Chris Jericho. I went nuts for that win he got over Kevin Nash back in the day.

That win against Kevin Nash is easier for me to buy than the set up for the 619.  To be fair to Rey, he has been at it for a heck of a long time and everyone  slows down a bit sooner or later. Rey can’t be expected to go in 2014 like he could in 2004, or even 1994. How long has this guy been wrestling?

These days Rey has his go to moves, his own “5 Moves of Doom”, and one of them is that darn 619. I love you, Rey, but that set up annoys the heck out of me. NOBODY falls on the middle rope like that unless it’s in a Mysterio match.

I suppose you could argue that over time Rey has simply mastered the skill of maneuvering his opponents into the position he wants, and that other wrestlers could also put guys in that position if they wanted to. But the lackluster way guys fall into that rope just kills it. And when a wrestler has to take a few extra steps and leap so that he falls on the rope. Yeah right!

Byebye, Reyrey