The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles: ROH TV 2-22

roh kyle master of mouthguard

The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles: ROH TV 2-22

Welcome to another week of ROH TV. Let’s get to it.

Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander 

The Good/Bad: Andrew Everett

Andrew Everett is crazy athletic. He does moves on par with guys like Ricochet, Evan Bourne and Jack Evans. But man, he is quite possibly the least imposing guy I’ve seen in a wrestling ring. I’d be more afraid of El Torito than this guy. It’s so odd. His physique doesn’t match his ability at all. I guess that makes it all the more surprising when he does something like a springboard shooting star press to the outside of the ring, and it looking like it takes the same amount of effort as sending a text.

Another thing that doesn’t match his athletic ability is his ability to engage with the crowd. Sure they pop hard for his nutso maneuvers and Dolph Ziggleresque selling, but after hitting a great move like the aforementioned springboard shooting star press, it’s like he’s not quite sure how to respond to the crowd’s cheers.

roh everett what do i do

I did a thing, here’s my tongue.

If Everett can develop a look and a personality to match his great athletic ability, he could really become a big deal in ROH.

Oh and also maybe do something about that ring gear.

roh everett tidy whiteys

Tidy whiteys?

The Good: Hot Damn!

What an awesome opening match. Like I said before, Everett is incredibly talented and athletic. The height he got when Alexander back body dropped him was incredible. A lot of heart stopping moments in this match. Everett’s 720 splash attempt was crazyballs! It looks like he just barely made that final rotation. I cringed big time. Alexander got his knees up and quickly hit a sick looking double-knee backbreaker for the win.

The Bad: Watchoo talkin’ ’bout, Strong?

Roderick Strong was on commentary to annoy us all to death, and to bury Alexander. Are they feuding? Anyway, at one point Strong said, “People are really gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

Aren’t you in a stable that has it in for guys who leave the company. Are you going to start a feud with yourself in the future? Or do you mean when you die?

The Good: Steve Corino

Strong: “Shades of the late, great Austin Airies.”

Corino: “Austin died!?”

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Corino and commentary. Kelly and Corino are the best commentary team on TV at the moment. Not that there’s much competition.

The Bad: A bottle?

After the match, Strong threw a water bottle at Alexander (is that racist?) and walked to the back, like a child.

roh beat it hooplah

The Good: The night that Hooplah died.

I think that was the same day the music died.

Quick recap of the death of hooplah. It will be missed?