The Good, the Bad and the Wrestles: WWE NXT ArRIVAL


I’ve got mixed feelings about this special NXT ArRival show. NXT has always been this place to go to see awesome characters and great wrestling (most of the time). It’s just a really fun show. And I’ve liked that it’s kind of a separate thing to the rest of the WWE. NXT is its own little universe where wrestlers like Cesaro and Natalya can come and visit and put on fantastic matches and do what they enjoy doing. On Raw they can’t always do that because of their character or role on the show, but on NXT that doesn’t matter.

Now that NXT is getting pushed a bit more with the Network launch, I’m worried WWE might wreck everything. Because wrecking good things is kinda what WWE does.

But for now, NXT is still NXT, and NXT is the best, and if WWE wants to do a 2-hour PPV type show like this one every month, I won’t complain. Not yet, anyway.

On with the show!

The Bad: This IS NXT, not Triple H

Triple H started the show by welcoming us all to NXT. His welcome was very brief so I can’t really complain about Trips hogging the spotlight. Still, get out of here, Triple H, you ain’t NXT!

Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro

The Good: You win this round, Cesaro.

Cesaro defeated Sami Zayn in an incredible match to open the show. The chemistry these guys have together in the ring is unbelieveable.

I was actually surprised Cesaro got the win, but it makes sense as he’s the one currently getting a push on the main roster. But still, with the build up to this match, and with Zayn’s promos about needing one more chance to prove he could beat Cesaro, I really thought he was going to pull off the win. But really, wins and losses aren’t important when watching these guys, because either way, you know you’re in for something great. These guys can add this to their ever growing list of amazing matches – a list that started way back in their El Generico/Claudio Castagnoli days – and a list I can’t wait to see get longer. Zayn and Cesaro for the title at Mania! It could happen!

Jumping Neutralizer is the best Neutralizer!

The Good: Olé!

The “Yes!” chant is great and all, but “olé!” is easily my favourite wrestling chant of all. It’s just so musical and fun!I don’t even care anymore that it’s really El Generico’s chant and it doesn’t really makes sense to chant “olé!” for Zayn. It’s just too fun not to do it!

The Good: And another thing!

Well two actually. After this match I think it’s pretty safe to say that two things are for certain: First, Cesaro is without a doubt main event material -but I think WWE have finally started to realize that, thus his inclusion in the Chamber match this year. Second, Sami Zayn has done his time in NXT and is beyond ready for the main roster. Sure there are things he hasn’t done in NXT, like win the NXT championship. But after tonight, heck even before tonight, WWE has got to start using Zayn on the main roster, and in a big way too. He’s too great of a talent not to be used.

Yeah he strong!

The Good: HUGS!

I fricking love big sweaty hugs after great matches. Even if the crowd almost ruined it by chanting “hug it out!,” it was still an awesome moment for these guys.  NO I DIDN’T SHED A TEAR WITH SAMI ZAYN! YOU DID!

The Good: Cute tights, Bro!

Bonus good to Sami Zayn for those tights. Written on the butt area was “Zayn” in Arabic (Thank you, internet!). Zayn in Arabic looks like a cute  face character. I didn’t know Arabic was such a cute language.