Bee Boy: Q&A With a Buzzing Star


Indy wrestling’s buzziest star on getting into the business, wrestling in Australia and the road ahead.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bee Boy before his match at AWA Grindhouse Wrestling 2.3 where he very kindly agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I’m a professional wrestler from Sydney, Australia competing under the name ‘Bee Boy.’

Can you tell me about the hows, whens and whys you got into wrestling? Who trained you? Where?

I started watching wrestling when I was 8 or 9. This was in mid-late 2003. My dad was flicking through the channels and it was either Monday Night Raw or Sunday Night Heat that was on so I watched for a few minutes. Looking back I thought that it was Kane vs Zach Gowen but a few years ago I realised that the match never happened.
So it was Kane and someone else, maybe Maven?
I started training when I was 16 at the AWF dojo in Minto (which has now relocated) and I was trained by TNT.
I trained there for about six months but they closed down for a little while due to the upcoming summer and since it was in a sweatbox, it was quite bad.
I wanted to keep training so I stumbled upon a page on Facebook and it was the PWA Australia advertisement in which stated that they were holding a five-day wrestling bootcamp followed with shows then on both the Friday and Saturday.There were two sessions a day. 10-2 and then 4-7 (I could most definitely be wrong but the times were extreme).
We started with perhaps 10 people who hadn’t had a match before and then there were guest trainers and other wrestlers looking to hone their craft from the very best in Australia.

I was the only rookie to make it to every session and I think that stuck with them.

It turns out that the head trainers are the Eagles Family. Ryan, Madison and Robbie.

Madison is a former SHIMMER champion and is one of the best wrestlers in the world period and was voted by PWI magazine as the best female wrestler in 2011 worldwide.

Robbie is the little brother of Ryan and is making waves in Australia and overseas.

He was in Chikara’s Young Lions Cup in 2011 and in 2012 he was selected by the legendary Ikuto Hidaka to train and wrestle in Japan for three months for Zero-1.

Ryan was making strides in CZW in 2011 until his wife Madison got injured and so they came back to Australia.

Sean O’Shea also had a big influence on me while I was training and he has also wrestled at Zero-1 and has trained with Lance Storm.

Currently I still train with PWA over in Camden, NSW and you can check the school out at

I’m sorry for the tangent!

Are you in any way related to the Killer Bees?

The Killers Bees are a great tag team. I wish I were related to either Jim Brunzell or Brian Blair but unfortunately I am not.

During your match against Koi Bombora (and pretty much all night) at AWA Grindhouse Wrestling, the crowd was chanting relentlessly for “Seven!”. Seven what? I don’t know. You adapted expertly to this by including the chant into your moves and making it a part of the match, and the crowd loved it! How important is crowd participation in a match for you? What else do you do to get the crowd going and into your matches?

I really enjoyed my match with Koi Bombora at AWA Grindhouse. I’ve wrestled him before but that was almost two years ago and this match showed how far we have come. I didn’t really understand the whole ‘Seven’ chant but either way it enhanced the show.
When I got into the ring, the referee came up to me and said that the crowd were going crazy for ‘Seven’ so we just had fun with it!

I love the crowd participation. Everyone is now doing big moves and hurting themselves but what I’m doing now which is more comedy and having fun but still putting on a good match. And it still gets the same reaction if not an even bigger reaction than all of the flashy big moves.

I’ve incorporated the word ‘Buzz’ and I guess it’s similar to Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes’ chant but it works so why not stick with it?

I mentioned on Twitter that I thought your match against Koi Bombora was ‘Match of the Night’ in my opinion. It had all the things I love; Good wrestling; Actually funny comedy, but not too much; Hugs! Seven of them in fact, thanks to the crowd; And there was a good connection between the wrestlers and the crowd. I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to point that out.

How about your influences? Where do you pull your ideas for your character and your wrestling style from?

Thank you so much. That really means a lot. I had a lot of fun and I’m glad that I was able to get someone to record that match. My influences in the ring vary a lot.

My main inspirations are Colt Cabana and Kanjyouro Matsuyama but with a hint of Nigel McGuiness and Ultimo Dragon too.

It’s well known that wrestlers enjoy a good ribbing. The stories of Owen Hart’s ribs are legendary. What’s it like backstage with other Aussie wrestlers? Have you ever been a victim?
Is ribbing a part of Australian wrestling culture or is that more of a U.S. thing?

Ribbing is not so much of a big deal over here. They’re pretty much jokes and sometimes taken a little too far but in reality they’re not actually that bad. It’s all tasteful humour.

I’ve really only ever been ribbed once and that was coming up with this character.

I was having practice matches with Sean O’Shea and he wanted me to start using a Stinger Splash and then into the DDT that Mickie James used.

That was then changed into the Stinger Splash into the Stunner (which has now become my most known move).

From there he said it would be funny if I was a wasp. This eventually got around and people kept coming up to me saying “Are you going to be a bee?” I was always meant to be a wasp but then the Bee overtook it’s place.

Sean didn’t think that we were seriously going to go through with it but we did and I’m successful.

It looks like the rib is on him.

You mentioned at the show that you’re heading to the U.S. fairly soon to wrestle. What do you hope to accomplish during your stay? Do you have dates booked there already, and in which promotions?

Yeah, I’m going over quite soon and I’m really excited for it. I’m most definitely not ready but not many people just take the leap. I’m still young so why not just give it a shot?

I have no dates but I have spoken to a few promoters and I’ll need to go to training with them so they can actually decide if they want to use me or not.

I have friends that I’m staying with along with a lot of other connections that’ll be able to help me get booked which I am very thankful for.

Your character and wrestling style look like they’d be a perfect fit for Chikara. Will we be seeing in action at a Chikara event sometime soon?

I’ve spoken to a few guys from the Chikara locker room along with Mike Quackenbush himself and it’s just as I mentioned above. I’ll need to train so they can evaluate me but I really do hope so as I feel that is my best bet whilst I’m over there.

Being a wrestler and always on the road, do you have much time to actually watch wrestling? If you do, which promotions do you follow?

I try to watch as much wrestling as I can. I skim through Raw and NXT to skim through guys that I like to watch like Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Shield, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Emma (from Australia) and Paige (pretty much the indy guys).

I like New Japan, Chikara, PWG. They’re whom I watch most of but I also like DGUSA, ROH and Osaka Pro.

What is your favourite match of your career so far?

My favourite match of my career so far is either my match with Madison Eagles at Newcastle Pro Wrestling (NSW) last December or at Outback Championship Wrestling (Victoria) teaming up with Paul London against Seth Maxx and Andy Phoenix. The crowd were chanting louder for me than Paul and it was unbelievable.

Who is your dream opponent?

My dream opponent in Australia was Madison Eagles but that has happened. I actually have a list of 12 guys that I would love to have a match with however my top 4 would have to be: TJ Perkins (Manik from TNA), Ultimo Dragon, Fire Ant and Sami Zayn (NXT).

Who’s your favourite wrestler currently wrestling? How about when you were a kid?

My favourite wrestler at the moment is Dean Ambrose from WWE. I used to watch him on the indies and he is one of my favourites of all time. When I was a kid it would be Edge followed by Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Ultimo Dragon is my favourite of all time though.

Where can people follow you online and see you wrestle next?

You can follow me on Twitter @TheBeeBoy or on Facebook just look up ‘Bee Boy Wrestler’.

For upcoming shows;

April 12 – PWA – Casula Powerhouse (NSW)
April 19 – UWA – Dapto (NSW)
April 20 – PWA Festival – Liverpool (NSW)
April 25 – Outback Championship Wrestling – Ashwood (Victoria)
April 26 – UWA – Wollongong (NSW)

May 3 – Newcastle Pro Wrestling – Charlestown (NSW)
May 10 – Tasmanian Championship Wrestling – Launceston (Tasmania)
May 17 – NCPW – Port Macquarie (NSW)
May 23 – Outback – Ashwood (Victoria) with TNA’s Rob Terry (Victoria)
May 24 – Outback – Ashwood (Victoria) with TNA’s Rob Terry (Victoria)

June 1 – Blue Mountains Pro Wrestling (NSW)
June 7 – Newcastle Pro Wrestling – New Lambton (NSW)
June 14 – PWA – Casula Powerhouse (NSW)

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