Sara Jay: Q&A With a Tiny Kiwi Who’s Got a Lot of Heart


Photo Credit: Thomas Litke Photography

New Zealand’s Sara Jay on Wrestling, Health, and Overcoming the Odds.

by Zach Dominello

Can you tell me a bit about your background? I saw that you’re from NZ originally, are you based in Australia now?

I am from New Zealand and I have also wrestled in New Zealand for KPW.

I am unsettled, I’m always ready to move anywhere anytime! For now, I am in Australia.

It makes sense that you became a pro-wrestler then, as constantly moving from place to place comes with the job. What’s the wrestling scene like in New Zealand compared with Australia?

I’ve only wrestled for KPW in New Zealand, whereas I have wrestled for a lot of different feds in Australia. So I can’t really make a comparison, although I can say it is wonderful for me to be able to wrestle in my own home country and the locker room is full of truly fantastic local workers.


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Have you worked in any other countries?

I have wrestled in other countries, yes! I love wrestling in front of “away from home” crowds – the fans always get excited to see new faces from different countries. Their excitement always makes me happier and I want to go above and beyond to give them a fantastic wrestling experience.

According to the Miss Sara Jay (Official) Facebook page, you’re not only a pro-wrestler, you’re also a model, a qualified personal trainer, you’ve competed in Strong Woman competitions and Equestrian events! And you designed your own fitness wear label, Bonita Fitness Wear. Is all of that accurate? Do you ever sleep? And where do you find the time and energy to accomplish so much?

Yes, all of the above is correct! I get pretty tired at times, haha! But I like to be active. I’m extremely “goal orientated,” so I like to always have something to do, to focus on, and something to aim for. I may be very little in comparison to most of my wrestling competition, but I’m a very fit, strong and healthy athlete, so I know how to pace myself with all my ventures.

Wow! That’s pretty amazing! I now feel like the laziest person in the world in comparison. Speaking of goals, do you think a lot about your future as a wrestler, or do you just take things as they come? Have you set any long/short term goals for yourself?

I always think about all my ventures from wrestling to my business and personal and fitness goals!!

Yes, I always set both long-term goals and short-term goals in everything I set my mind to.

I guess for a lot of pro-wrestlers, the dream is to make it into the big leagues, that is the WWE. Is that one of your career goals?


Haha, short and sweet. Speaking of WWE (I’m pretty good at segues today), I saw a photo of you with WWE Legend “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (who’s been very entertaining on WWE Legends’ House). He was one of my favourites as a kid. Are there any wrestlers performing now whom you admire? How about when you were younger?

Yes – best night that! I was living in Chicago at the time, I got talking to Jim in the locker room, and he thought I had a fascinating “story”.

Later that night, he pulled the photographer over and asked if he could take a photo with me! I felt pretty special!

I’ve loved wrestling since I can remember, as a little girl I grew up in New Zealand watching WWF ( WWE ) on TV with my family. Being a girl, I always looked forward to seeing the ladies come out to wrestle or valet.

I was also a huge fan of Jake the Snake and the Harts. In my teens, I became a fan of far too many wrestlers for various reasons; Essa Rios, Perry Saturn, K-Quik, and of course the likes of the Undertaker and HHH etc. They all had something unique and different from each other to offer wrestling.


Sara Jay & “Hacksaw”Jim Duggan