Best Wrestler Ever (This Week): Flamita


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Name: Flamita
Age: 21
Pro Debut: 2005
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 165lbs
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

This week, Dragon Gate put on its annual Dead or Alive show in front of 5,200 fans in the Aichi Gym, Nagoya. This was one of the best shows I’ve seen all year. Out of the 8 matches, almost all of them were must see viewing for any wrestling fan. One of those matches was the Open the Brave Gate Championship bout between Flamita and Jimmy Susumu. To put it simply, this match blew me away! Both guys put on one heck of a bout. Nearly 14 minutes of wall to wall, high flying, hard hitting action. In the end (SPOILERS), Flamita successfully retained the title by putting away Susumu with his Flame Fly. While maybe not the “best” match on the show, as there were quite a few great matches, Flamita vs. Susumu was easily my favourite of the night purely from the level of enjoyment I had.

Not to discredit Susumu, who was also really great, but this match instantly made a Flamita fan out of me. He is off the charts amazing! He can fly like a young Rey Mysterio, but he’s not limited to the lucha libre style. When not flying high, he’s delivering stiff shots and cracking super kicks. That’s what’s so great about him; so many masked luchadors, while having incredible aerial ability, have absolutley zero believability when delivering their moves (and they can’t do a springboard 450 splash by spring boarding over the top rope and then jumping from the middle rope). Their offence can look spectacular but have almost zero impact. Flamita, however, can fly with, no, BETTER than the best of them, but still connect and deliver his moves with an impact. With his versatility, he can fit in just about anywhere, in AAA with his high flying, in New Japan with his strong style, and most interestingly, in the WWE.

After the train wreck that was Sin Cara I, the train that nobody is catching that is Sin Cara II/Hunico, and with Rey Mysterio seemingly on his last legs as a performer, WWE are in need of a new masked star. Flamita could just be that star. He’s got the youth that Rey once had, and he’s got the ability to work more than just one style – an ability Sin Cara I desperately needed. On top of that, he’s got the ability to get the crowd behind him, unlike Sin Cara II. If you saw Dragon Gate Dead or Alive 2014, you would’ve seen just how hot the crowd was, and how much they were into Flamita’s performance. That connection with his audience may be just the thing that catches the WWE’s eye. It’s that one variable that simply can’t be taught. So many talented performers have come and gone in the WWE. Some had the right look – Mason Ryan, the great in ring style and ability – Chris Hero, but they didn’t have all tools needed to make it in the WWE¹. Flamita HAS got the tools, and WWE has got the opening for a new masked star. Sounds pretty simple!

I’m not the only one who thinks highly of Flamita. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer recently wrote, “Of all the wrestlers in WWE, New Japan and Dragon Gate, the star of the week was Flamita, who combined early Rey Mysterio level flying with a stiff, physical New Japan style when standing. He’s 21, but has been wrestling since the age of 14 in Mexico. AAA wanted him and was going to give him a mega push with the Octagon Jr. gimmick, but he said that he likes working in Japan and wants to stick with Dragon Gate. WWE has been looking for their next Mysterio and this is the guy, because he’s going to have a lot less stylistic issues than the pure Lucha of Sin Cara².”

The only left to ask is, “What in the world are you waiting for, WWE? Sign this guy, now!”


¹Having said that, I truly believe that Chris Hero for one did, and does still have all the tools needed to make it. WWE just seems to be the wrong toolbox at the moment.

²May 12 2014 Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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