ROH/New Japan Global Wars Live Coverage from Toronto


by Zach Dominello (@TheKoalaMask)

Happy Mother’s Day and welcome to our live coverage of Global Wars from Toronto.  You can leave your thoughts of the show in the comments section. A full report of the show will be up later.

Let’s pray ROH has better luck with USTREAM than they’ve had in the past with other iPPV providers. USTREAM has been pretty great with New Japan iPPVs so hopefully things go smoothly. Unless ROH is just cursed. Then we’re doomed.


Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary.

The first thing I heard before the video even started was “Finger in the bum.” I’m guessing that was Corino.

ACH vs. Michael Bennett

And I’ve had my first crash. Good lord!

Alright we’re back, and last wee’s Best Wrestler Ever is in control. Well until Bennett gave him a spinebuster on the outside.

Bennett’s selling his left knee, as if he were a face. ACH is attacking the knee like he’s the heel. Big double stomp from the top rope.

Bennett accidentally speared Maria on the ring apron. Huge flip to the outside by ACH. Big spear on ACH this time.

ACH went up top but Bennett knocked the ref into the ropes. Bennett finished ACH with a dominator.

Bennett trash talked Tanahashi post match.

Good little opener. Would’ve been nice to see a bit more from ACH, he was the Best Wrestler Ever last week after all.

Takaaki Watanabe vs. Michael Elgin

I’d just like to start by saying, OH HELL YEAH! This should be good.

Strong start by Elgin. Elgin hit a  30 second stalling suplex. Crowd wants it one more time. Big Urinagi in the corner by Elgin but he missed the Whisper in the Wind.

Big elbow the the back of Watanabe’s head, followed by a deadlift German by Elgin. Watanabe reversed the middle rope stalling superplex by Elgin and hit a backstabber. Elgin with a spinning backfist off a flying Watanabe, followed by the bucklebomb and sit out powerbomb for the win.

Elgin looked super strong in this one. Watanabe not so much.

Mark & Jay Briscoe vs. B.J. Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

Big pop for the Briscoes and a Man Up chant already. Corino got hit in the head with a streamer. He’ll survive.

Kyle and Mark start things off. Briscoes in control early on. TaDarius Thomas (right?) is with the Decade as their new Young Boy. He does not look impressed. “Big” spear by Jacobs to Marc on the apron.

Kyle with some great shots on Jay, until mark came in and redneck Kung Fu’d him to death. Very fast action! Decade hit the all seeing eye on Bobby. March broke up the pin. Gorilla press DVD by Jay on Jacobs. Doomsday device on Jacobs by the Briscoes for the win.

Very fast, fun, action packed match.

Video recap of Roderick Strong and Cedric Alexander’s rivalry over a backbreaker.

Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander

Quick start with a plancha by Cedric. Strong goes for an Angle slam, Cedric reverses into an arm drag followed by trouble in paradise. AJ Styles style springboard forearm by Cedric. Michinoku driver by Cedric on a running Strong . Backbreaker by Strong. for a near-fall. Impressive backbreaker reversal into a crucifix by Cedric for a near-fall. Crowd is taunting Strong with a slow “Roddy” chant. But they cheered when he did a superplex. Strong locks in the Stronghold but Cedric escapes and nearly rolls up Strong. Slap by Strong, spit in the face by Cedric. Great sequence of kicks and strikes by both guys, Cedric with a near-fall. Cedric reversed a sick kick into a Lumbar check backbreaker. THIS IS AWESOME chants by the crowd. Quick roll up by Cedric out of nowhere for the win.

Post match beatdown by Decade on Cedric. Strong put Cedric through 4 chairs. Best match so far.

Announcers beg for a video package or something.

Young Bucks vs. Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero vs. Alex Shelley & Kushida for IWGP jr. tag titles

If there New Japan matches are anythign to go by, this should be a good one.

Corino is trying his best to explain the New Japan factions like Bullet Club and Chaos.

Big chants for Kushida when he’s tagged in. Really fun action to start. Corino is killing it on commentary. Very entertaining.

Koslov with his Russian kicks (what are they called?) and facestomp on Shelley. Bucks tag themselvs in and destroy Shelley. It’s been five minutes without a superkick. What is happening? Bucks keep accidentally hitting each other. Big dive to the outside by Kushida. Nice double team move by the Time Splitters for a near-fall on Matt.

Battering ram by Koslov and Romero. Huge multiple spin plancha by one of the Bucks followed by a middle rope springboard plancha by Koslov. THIS IS AWESOME CHANTS.

Finally a SUPERKICK! and another! Great sequence by the Bucks and Hooligans. Spike tombstone on Shelley by the Bucks. Very exciting action. There’ve been about a million superkicks at this point.

Young Bucks with More Bang for your Buck on Koslov for the win. Crazy fun match. Lot’s of highlights! Pretty much what you would expect from these guys, and basically what we’ve seen before in New Japan. Still a lot of fun!


Sound is mixed up between live feed and repackage. Weird!

Good recap of Kevin Steen’s past couple of years in ROH.

IT’S ARCHIBALD PECK. Sorry I mean RD Evans!!!! Former Best Wrestler Ever BTW. 213.7-0. What a record! Evans rolled up Bobby Cruz as he was announcing Evan’s next challenger. THE STREAK CONTINUES!

Don’t go RD! Stay here forever!

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin Liger vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Jado

Big pop for Nakamura. And for Liger. And for Tanahashi. Not so much for Jado – poor guy.

Nakamura and Tanahshi start things off. Corino compares them to Flair and Steamboat. He talks about Tanahashi being stabbed by his girlfriend in 2002. Really putting over Nakamura as a nasty, obnoxious jerk.

In the ring, Jado Flair flopped almost instantly. Liger in to big cheers. Jado low blowed Liger when he went for a frankensteiner to take advantage.   Nakamura with the shaky knee on Liger. Tanahashi gets tagged in and clears house. Corino is mad at Tanahashi for calling him heavy.

Nakamura went for a Bome Ya but Tanahashi countered with a kick to the knee. Jado put Tanahashi in a crossface but Tana made it to the ropes. Yep it’s Tana now. Jado gave the finger to someone in the crowd. Rude! Jado went for a punt but missed, Liger then took him out. Crossbody to the outside on Nakamura by Liger. Sling blade on Jado by Tana followed by the High Fly Flow for the pin.

Pretty good match, but we’ve seen much better in the past from Tanahashi and Nakamura. Crowd was very hot so it was still fun to watch.

Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Matt Taven vs. Silas Young for the TV title

What is Silas doing in this match? When did he join the TV title picture. The last real man with the least manly finisher ever.

Matt Taven Emma’d his way into the ring.

Tomaso goes straight after Lethal. Silas out of nowhere hit a superplex off the barricade on Tomaso. Huge plancha by Taven. Guys everyhwere. Jay Lethal with the Lethal Injection on Ciampa. Silas hit his unmanly finisher on Lethal but the pin was broken up.

White noise by Ciampa on Silas from the middle rope. Taven hit Lethal with Angel’s Wings, then hit a big moosault to the outside. Martini gets involved, but before Taven can get a shot in Lethal hits him with Lethal Injection for the win.

A.J. Styles & Karl Anderson vs. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo

Michael Elgin joins Corino and Kelly on commentary for this one. They talk about sleeping! Big pop for Okada as he makes his way out.

Big pop for Styles. Not sure if the crowd care about his heel turn in New japan. Big OKADA chants! Big AJ chants. Big match feel for this one .

Okada and AJ start off. Slow start with AJ in a  headlock. Big dropkick to Aj that knocks him to the outside. Anderson hit a big spinebuster on Gedo, followed by double team stomps by AJ And Karl. Gedo is being controlled by Anderson. Finally he gets some offence with a crossbody on Anderson, followed by the tag to Okada. Okada clears house.

Rainmaker attempt, Okada reverses into an Ace Crusher, attempt, another Rainmaker attempt but Anderson hits a neckbreaker. AJ in, but Okada hits a huge dropkick. Gedo now in, he hit’s a big back drop on AJ. Double team moves on Aj followed by a superkick by Gedo for a near-fall. Pele on Gedo by AJ followed by an Ace Crusher by Anderson. Brainbuster by AJ on Gedo followedup with a Styles Clash for the win.  Anderson kept Okada from breaking up the pin.

Elgin confronts AJ after the match, then Okada joins in on the stand off.

Good match, but felt more just like a set up for War of the Worlds, which it was I guess.

Main Event: Adam Cole vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title

Big pop for Steen, some boos but mostly silence for Cole. I expected more of a reaction for the champ. Steen getting in Cole’s head early. The crowd is 100% behind the hometown hero, Steen. Steen threw the Canadian flag into Cole’s face. Cole was unkind to the flag.

Tense handshake to start, Steen kissed Cole’s hand to make him let go. Good trick!

Steen Samoa Joe’d Cole by walking away from a plancha, causing Cole to crash and burn. Steen rammed Cole junk first into the ring post, three times. Cole’s reaction was great! Big Olé chants for Steen. Steen went for the 10 punches in the corner but Cole went after Steen’s knee. Very loud F#%K YOU, COLE chants. Cole in control, targeting Steen’s knee.

Steen comes back with an apron powerbomb. KILL STEEN KILL chats. Steen hits a second apron powerbomb. Followed with  a third.  Followed with a fourth. Ouch! Steen with a huge Senton from the top for a near-fall. Steen went for a package piledriver but Cole reversed. Steen with a huge middle rope manoeuvre (driver?) on Cole for another near-fall. Steen missed the cannonball, but then went for a another package piledriver but his knee buckled. Cole took advantage by putting Steen in a figure four. Steen eventually reversed it so Cole let go.

Steen with a pop up powerbomb and then a sharpshooter, but he can’t keep it in because of his knee. Out of nowhere Steen hits a sleeper suplex for a near-fall.

Bennet came out but eats a package piledriver. Cole used the distraction to hit a superkick to the back of Steen’s head, then a German suplex and then Florida Keys but Steen kicked out! Steen countered the Destroyer to lock in another Sharpshooter but Cole gets to the ropes. Bennett is still dead. Steen hit Generico’s turnbuckle brainbuster for another near-fall. Cole is pretty much dead. Quick small package by Cole but Steen kicks out. Steen went for another package piledriver but Cole avoids it and hits a superkick that puts Steen out. Cole with the pin to retain.

Side note: Elgin on commentary is not great!

Best match of the night. Though the finish felt  a little sudden. The show went straight off the air after the pin. Maybe they ran out of time. Great match nonetheless.

Fun show overall. Sometimes it felt like they were just building to bigger things at War of the Worlds, but still a fun show anyhow. I guess the point was to get us excited for the next show, and it worked! I definitely can’t wait for War of the Worlds!