Mystery/Turbo Wolverine: Q&A with a Mysterious Masked Man


Mysterious masked wrestler talks wrestling, mysterious islands and what the future holds.

by Zach Dominello

I had the pleasure of meeting Mystery at UPW Paragon back in April. After a fantastic performance in a 10-Man Gauntlet match, Mystery agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions. We talked about indy wrestling in Australia, mysterious islands and what’s next for the mysterious masked man.


Can you tell me a bit about your background, growing up, and the hows and whys you got into wrestling?

My background growing up always had wrestling in it. I always had a good time and a lot of fun wrestling my younger sister and friends either at school or home in the backyard or on the trampoline. When I was growing up I never really thought I could become a wrestler. I was always a fan and thought I would love to try it, but I never thought I really could. I played football and other sports like that, but I really wanted to try wrestling out. The big moment I when I was like “Yes! I really want to do this!” was at WrestleMania when Jeff Hardy did a Swanton bomb off the ladder. I was like “This is it! This is my dream!” and I never looked back.

The first time I watched you perform was at UPW Paragon on April 26th, as a part of a 10-man Gauntlet match. While not winning the Gauntlet, you absolutely killed it with Lynx Lewis Jr. Watching you wrestle, I was reminded of guys like El Generico and Daniel Bryan. Are these wrestlers who have influenced your style?

Yes, I do watch a lot of El Generico and Daniel Bryan. They’ve influenced my style a lot. I try to fit some their style into my craft without trying to steal all their stuff, but yeah I enjoy them a lot.

Who are your biggest influences in terms of your wrestling style/character?

My biggest influences in wrestling are my Top 5: Sami Callihan, CM Punk, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, and Jon Moxley. I try and fit them all-in-one and in my own way.

On your Facebook page your listed under 2 names: Mystery and Turbo Wolverine. What’s the difference between the 2 characters?

There isn’t really a difference between the two names, Mystery/Turbo Wolverine. Mystery is the name I used when I first started out and some people call me that, and Turbo Wolverine is a new name I now use which more people like.

At UPW Paragon you announced that if you didn’t win the Gauntlet match, Mystery would leave the company. What does that mean for you/your career?

Yes, at the last UPW show I said if I didn’t win, it would be the end for Mystery at UPW. But I just want you to know and UPW that this isn’t the end and that it’s just the beginning of my big plan of change. Everyone just sit back and watch what happens next at UPW. Hold on and hope for the best!

Mystery UPW

In my extensive pre-interview research (I looked at the ‘about’ section of your Facebook page) I found that you were trained on Mystery Island. How was the training there?

I can’t tell you much about Mystery Island, or it wouldn’t be a mystery.

You hear a lot of stories about wrestling schools that aren’t quite on the up and up. How was your experience training to be a wrestler? Who has been your toughest trainer?

My experience training to be a wrestler, it was very, very, very hard at the start, but also very fun because growing up it was all I wanted to do, so there wasn’t really nothing that was going to stop me from doing it. Even though some nights there was no ring and we had to learn how to bump on the concrete floor, nothing was going to stop me from living my dream.
I have been trained by a lot of amazing people: Lance Hoyt, Mason Childs, Peter “The Hawk” Ball, AJ Istria. It’s a big list and they’ve all been tough, but they’ve helped me a 100% with everything I do.


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