Wrestling Is Fun! iPPV May 24, 2014 “Tag World Grand Prix: Night 3” – Easton, PA Report


Night 3 of the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix featuring two semifinal matches with the winners advancing to the final, which will be the main event of the show!

by Zach Dominello


TWGP Semi-Finals Match: Osirian Portal vs. Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive and Max Smashmaster (Best Names Ever!))

Super way to star the show. This was a really fun tag team match up. A good mix of wrestling and wacky antics. A funny moment was when Smashmaster was in control and shouted “Is that all you —“ only to be cut off with a huge SLAP! Smashmaster hit a brutal reverse piledriver on Amasis, who sold it wonderfully. Osirian Portal hit back with a nice double team STO. Then some wacky Osirion Hypnosis was used, causing Dev Corp to clothesline each other. This led to stereo 450 splashes by Osirian Portal but the couldn’t out away Dev Corp.

Osirian Portal tried the hypnosis on Sidney Bakabella, but to no effect. Bakabella’s sunglasses blocked the hynosis. Wacky! Max Smashmaster pinned Amasis after a double team finisher, a wheelbarrow with a splash from the top by Smashmaster.

Devastation Corporation advance to the finals of the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix. Great opening match!

TWGP Semi-Finals Match: KE4TPG (Jolly Roger and Lance Steel) vs. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown)

Another really fun tag team match up. Again, a good blend of wrestling and wacky antics. Wrestling is Fun does a wonderful job of showcasing great wrestling, but also having a really good sense of humour. The kids in the audience (as well as the adults) are clearly having a ball.

A funny moment was when Dasher tucked Jolly’s leg into his own pants, causing Jolly to almost submit to himself. Fortunately, he made the ropes. Jolly got his revenge when he tied up Hatfield with his own arms and legs.

Mid match there was joust. Yes, this match had jousting.

The Throwbacks hit an awesome assisted stunner onto Jolly for the pin. The throwbacks are going to the final round to face Devastation Corporation later in the show.

Oleg The Usurper vs. Eric Corvis

Oleg began by eating an onion. Interesting start to the match. Good singles match with Oleg using his size and power to control Corvis early on, with Corvis using the few openings to mount a comeback. Oleg pulled Corvis off the top turnbuckle by the leg, but Corvis transitioned it into a big time Ace Crusher. Oleg kept trying to use Corvis’ glove as a weapon, which ended up being his demise as Corvis pinned Oleg with a backslide while Oleg was getting ready to use the glove.

I missed a match here (my baby was crying so I had to go be a parent. What can you do?). It looked like cheeseburger in a mask vs some…one.

Shynron vs. JAKA

Great, great match. Really good action. Shynron (former Best Wrestler Ever) started out fast, but that came to a screeching halt when Jaka rammed him headfirst into the ringpost. Jaka was in control for a while until Shynron quickened the pace and started mounting a comeback. Shynron is an awesome high flyer. Not only that, he’s great at getting the crowd behind him, really selling Jaka’s strength and power. Shynron is over big time with the kiddies in the crowd. Lots of incredible moves by Shynron; Shooting Star from the ring apron, a spring board splash with a full twist, handspring Ace Crusher just to name a few.

Jaka caught Shynron in an interesting looking submission after Shynron took too long on the top ropes. To be fair, he was slightly distracted by Joe Pittman who was on the commentation station during the match. Shynron eventually had to give up.

Really fun match. Incredible display of athleticism and high flying by Shynron. He is certainly a crowd favourite.

Non Tournament tag match: Los Ice Creams vs. The Submission Squad

Big time comedy match! For me, that’s a very good thing. Los Ice Creams are ridiculously funny. A lot of screaming, shouting, and crying by the Ice Creams, And a lot of intentionally terrible wrestling by the Submission Squad. Until the end that is when the Submission Squad suddenly hit some serious wrestling moves to put away Los Ice Creams. Gelistico did a beautiful fireman’s carry into a knee strike. The Elegant Assassin then hit a Cross Rhodes/Sister Abigail type manoeuvre for the win. Not sure which ice cream took the pin.

Very funny match, but maybe went a tad too long.

Gary The Barn Owl vs. Joe Pittman

Joe Pittman, what a heel! Pittman pinned the Owl with the Superstar. Basic squash match. Lots of boos for Pittman. Not much to talk a bout here. Pittman looks a bit like Chris Evan’s Captain America, whatever that’s worth.

Juan Francisco de Coronado came out. He said words and then left to go back to Mexico.



2014 Tag World Grand Prix Final: Devastation Corporation vs. The Throwbacks

Juan Francisco stopped in at the commentation station on his way to Mexico it seems.

Excellent match to finish off the tournament. All guys involved really gave it their all. Blaster McMassive’s McMassive dive over the ropes onto everybody was amazing for a guy his size. The match started fairly slow with Devastation Corporation isolating Mr. Touchdown. But once the comeback began, there was no stopping these guys.

Lots of near-falls and saves by both teams. Both hit their double team finishers, but couldn’t put each other away. Smashmaster went for a moonsault off the top but came up empty. This opened him up for a second assisted stunner by the Throwbacks for the win. Superb tag team action and a great way to end the tournament, and the show.

Final Thoughts

Match of the night for me was Shynron vs. Jaka. The tag team finals was probably a better match all round, but I’m just a sucker for Shynron’s athleticism and the way he gets the crowd behind him.

A very enjoyable show overall. The crowd was into it, and it looked like the kids in the audience had a ball.

Good wrestling. Good comedy. And most importantly, plenty of fun!