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A lot of the moves you see performed by the Superstars of the WWE and indy stars around the world originated in Japan. You may be surprised by which of your favourite moves can be traced back to the land of the rising sun.

Disqualified because of course they were made in Japan: Asian Mist, Enzuiguri, Asai Moonsault, Kawada Driver, Baisuke Knee and basically anything with the Japanese wrestler’s name in the move.

11. Jushin Thunder Liger – The Shooting Star Press

Back in the heyday of WCW’s Cruiserweight division, I would watch Kidman, free of Raven’s Flock, Seven Year Itching his opponents to death, well by opponents I mean Juvi. Always Juvi. The Seven Year Itch was of course his version of the Shooting Star Press, a move that blew my mind away then, and still does now. Though it was Kidman who introduced me to the physics defying flip, it was none other than Jushin Thunder Liger who we have to thank for it. Liger, now coming up to 50 years young, is still tearing it up with the best of them in New Japan, though I haven’t seen him hit the Shooting Star in quite some time.
Out of the few guys who actually perform the move, it’s got to be Evan Bourne who hits it the best, and Brock Lesnar who botches it the hardest. Taking the move to the next level is NXT’s Adrian Neville, who’s added a full twist into the flip, calling it the Red Arrow.

10. The Great Muta – The Shining Wizard

While more known perhaps for the Asian Mist, created by The Great Kabuki, it’s Muta who is credited with inventing the Shining Wizard, a move used all over the world. Muta would run towards a kneeling opponent, step up on their kneeling leg and knock their block off with his knee. And if that’s not enough, Muta is also the creator of his own submission move, the Muta Lock, which has recently been utilised by WWE’s Emma, and christened the Emma Lock.

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