Best Wrestler Ever (This Week): Ricochet

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Excuse him while he kisses the sky!

Welcome to another edition of Best Wrestler Ever (This Week), the column where I profile a current independent/international wrestling star who is making waves in the wrestling world.

2014 can arguably be called The Year of Ricochet. This year Ricochet captured the Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Championship from stablemate Masato Yoshino, becoming the first ever foreigner to hold the title. And just last week Ricochet won the 2014 New Japan Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, defeating KUSHIDA in the finals in what was a definite match of the contender. You must watch that match, IMMEDIATELY! After you read this.

Ricochet’s next big challenge is for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title against current champ Kota Ibushi at New Japan Dominion on June 21st. A match that will be sure to tear the roof off, and that really deserves to be the main event of the show, which is instead Fale vs. Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

Get ready for greatness, folks!

A Little Background

Ricochet debuted in Chikara Pro in 2006, and early on deveolped a rivalry with Chuck Taylor. Ricochet lost a Career vs. Young Lions Cupp match against Taylor and was sent packing from Chikara. Later, Ricochet returned under the guise of a new masked wrestler named Helios. As Helios he went on to finally defeat Chuck Taylor for the Young Lions Cup. He also did what Captain America has been trying to do for years and defeated Hydra to retain the title. Hail Hydra Helios!

Oh yeah. He also had big frizzy hair.

Since Chikara, he’s gone on to perform in promotions all around the world such as Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve and New Japan.


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