New Japan G-1 Day 5, Miyagi: Thoughts and Predictions



Pre-Show Thoughts and Predictions

Coming off the absolutely incredible Day 4 of the G-1, Day 5 in Miyagi will have its work cut out for it if it wants to impress. Day for set almost impossible standards for the rest of the tournament, and we’re not even halfway through yet. After the incredible matches we’ve seen so far, I have all the faith in the world that this year’s G-1 will only get better. (Please no jaws get broken after I said that).

As you can see from the standings above, Tomoaki Honma, the standout star of this year’s G-1, in my opinion, is the only participant still on 0 points. And facing Shinsukue Nakamura probably isn’t going to help matters. But as we saw in the match between Goto and Yano from Day 4, anything can happen in the G-1. As much as I love Nakamura, I’m rooting for Honma tonight. He’s the forever underdog, how can you not? Don’t stop missing those headbutts, Honma!

Okada vs. Naito ought to be another fantastic match up. They had a really good feud for the IWGP Heavyweight championship and excellent matches together (despite being overshadowed by Nakamura/Tanahashi) going into Wrestle Kingdom 8. Okada came out on top then, but after Naito’s recent win over current IWGP champ A.J. Styles, I think tonight’s the night he’ll finally best Okada.

Tanahashi has the task of overcoming resident New Japan monster, Bad Luck Fale. After his epic battle, which he lost, with Shibata on Day 4, I think Tanahashi will step his game up even more and defeat Fale. Unless of course, he’s still battle worn fro his previous match. In that case, Fale has a good chance of topping the New Japan’s #1 guy.

Got and Styles in a match up I’m really excited about, as I believe it’s a first time encounter between these two guys in singles action. Both coming off losses, Goto’s loss to Yano more embarrassing than Styles loss to Naito, I think Goto’s bad luck will continue tonight. I can’t imagine the current IWGP taking too man losses in this tournament.

Speaking of losses, and not having any. Tonight is the night Benjamin’s uncanny winning streak ends. There’s no stopping Shibata after his win over Tanahashi in Akita. I expect Benjamin’s hot streak to cool off after tonight. And Shibata to only get hotter.

As for the lower card. Take your pick! Ishii should go over Gallows, just because he’s my guy and he should go ever everyone and win the tournament and the IWGP championship at Wrestle Kingdom 9 and high five me after the match. But we’ll see.

Suzuki has looked pretty great in his matches so far. I liked his use of Saka Otoshi to finish off Tenzan on Day 4. It’s a brutal looking submission. I hope he puts it on Takahashi and never lets go (I’m not a Yujiro fan).

Anderson is going to Gun Stun Yano’s smile off, Kojima will lariat the Honky Tonk out of Davey Boy Smith Jr. (he so looks like the Honky Tonk Man), and Archer is going to…do what Archer does to defeat Tenzan.


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