Dragon Gate Summer Adventure Tag League, Korakuen Hall, September 9th 2014: Live Results


Pre-Show Match: K-ness, Super Shisa vs. Yosuke♡Santa Maria, Yuga Hayashi
Fun little opener. Yosuke sat on Super Shisa’s face while he had Yuga in a surfboard. Yosuke accidentally kissed Yuga when K-ness moved out of the way. Yosuke still mated to kiss K-ness so it worked out in the end. K-ness pinned Yuga with Hikari no Wa.
Yosuke♡Santa Maria is wrestling comedy gold. Yuga’s becoming a fan favourite underdog, much like Yohei Komatsu in New Japan.

Jimmyz and Mad Blankey came out to talk about their match for later, or something. I think they’re choosing captains for the elimination match.

1. Uhaa Nation, Shachihoko BOY vs. Jimmy Kagetora, “Mr. High Tension” Kotoka
Really good tag team match. Very quick action. Uhaa can move incredibly well for a heavyweight. Lots of dives and high flying. Uhaa eventually out away Kotoka with combination standing moonsaults.

2. Punch Tominaga vs. Don Fujii
Fujii accidentally knocked out the ref. While the ref was down, Fujii was handcuffed to the ropes. Gamma came out and stole the key off of Mondai Ryu and freed Fujii. Fujii brought in a table. Funny moment when the table got tangled up in the corner and Fujii couldn’t remove it. Fujii chokeslammed Punch onto the table, though it wasn’t set up so he didn’t go through it. Fujii got white powdered by Ryu. Punch used the itokan (a yellow box) on Fujii, and then on the ref to get himself DQ’d. Good match, but a lot of interference. That seems to be the usual style of a Punch match now.

3. B Block: T-Hawk, Eita vs. CIMA, Gamma
CIMA is great, but I don’t understand the arrows in his tight that point to his bunghole.
Gamma hit an early inverted kneeling piledriver on Eita. That move is way to big to be a throwaway mid-match move. Piledrivers are finishers. Gamma used it like it’s an arm drag.
Gamma did his usual water spitting gimmick to Eita. Pretty gross. Big Topé con Hilo by Eita. Eita missed his rolling dropkick out of the corner on Gamma. Great knee to CIMA’s head by Eita. Gamma went completely nuts on Eita and T-Hawk. It took both of them to slow him down. T-Hawk hit Night Ride on Gamma for two. Eita quickly capitalized and put Gamma in his submission but CIMA broke it up.
Amazing sequence where CIMA hit a top rope stomp on Eita, who was being held in a crucifix position by Gamma. CIMA rolled through and hit a backstabber on T-Hawk in the other corner. Really smooth. Great final sequence. Eita went for a Frankensteiner but CIMA rolled through it and put EIta into a submission, then a pin attempt and then the Zebra Special all in one motion. T-Hawk was about to make the save, but Gamma tackled him and kept him down. Eita had no choice but to tap. Fantastic match. CIMA was simply amazing.

4. Open the Brave Gate Championship Match: Flamita vs. Kzy
Flamita was in control until Kzy literally grabbed him by the nuts. That slowed him down. Kzy covered Flamita with chairs on the outside and did a slingshot senton on top of him. Ouch. Awesome Tope con Hilo by Flamita using the second rope as a springboard. Flamita hit a 450 but Kzy kicked out of the lazy cover. Punch tripped Flamita when he came off the ropes. Kzy took advantage and hit a middle rope leg drop followed by CDJ, a swanton and Kzy Time (Frogsplash) but Flamita kicked out. Flamita reversed Impact into a huricanrana. Flamita hit a codebreaker from the muscle buster position. Finally Flamita hit the Flam Fly out of nowhere for the win. Excellent match. I was surprised how well Kzy can wrestle given the right opponent and match type.
K-Ness came out and challenged Flamita after the match.

After the break, BxB Hulk debuted his new unit’s name. They are known as Dia Hearts. What does that mean? Day Hearts?

5. BxB Hulk, Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid vs. Akira Tozawa, Masato Yoshino, Shingo Takagi
Funny moment when Mochizuki told Tozawa to go for a kick. Tozawa did and Mochizuki checked it. Mochizuki had an answer to everything early on.
Dragon kid hit a crazy stunner on Yoshino. Of course it was sold like it had the impact of an arm drag. That’s Dragon Gate! Great missile dropkick/senton combination by Yoshino. Big standing top rope Frankensteiner by Dragon Kid to Takagi.
Lots of crazy action with guys hitting big move after big move after big move. Mochizuki hit a million kicks on Tozawa to finish him off. Seriously, Mochizuki kicked Tozawa at least a million times.
Dia HEARTS win. Fun match. Incredibly fast action. Impossible to keep up with.
After the match, Mochizuki proposed a series of singles matches between Monster Express and Dia HEARTS members. The challenge was accepted.

6. Jimmyz vs. MAD BLANKEY Loser Revives Survival Instant Comeback Captain’s Fall Elimination Match: Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! vs. YAMATO, Naruki Doi, Cyber Kong, Mondai Ryu
Doi and Susumu are captains.
Fighting outside to start the match. Mondai Ryu was the first to be eliminated after a lariat by Susumu. Tanizaki and Kong fought on the apron. Kanda kicked Kong off the apron to eliminate him. Dolphin was eliminated by YAMATO to bring Ryu back, who was instantly eliminated again. Horiguchi was eliminated by YAMATO with Gallaria to bring Kong back. Tanizaki was eliminated by Kong to bring Ryu back. Kanda was eliminated after getting hit with the itokan and kicked off the apron by Doi. Susumu is all alone now. Susumu pinned YAMATO to bring Kanda back. Susumu got hit with the itokan and Doi hit the Bakatare sliding kick for a near-fall. Susumu hit Jumbo no Kachi!-gatame on Doi for the win after Doi accidentally got white powder thrown in his face by Kzy.
Jimmyz win. Another very fun, fast paced match.

VTR (CIMA, GAMMA and Fujii) came out and challenged for the Triangle Gate championship after the match.
K-ness has to defeat Kanda to get his title shot against Flamita.

Final Thoughts

Another great Dragon Gate show. Fantastic matches from top to bottom. Eita and T-Hawk vs. CIMA and Gamma was my personal favourite. Flamita looked great in his match against Kzy, who also wrestled well (better than I’ve seen in the past).
The captain’s fall elimination match was very fast paced and really fun.
My only complaint, and it’s basically the go to complaint about Dragon Gate, was the lack of selling. I love the car crash style matches, but if a guy hits a piledriver, you shouldn’t be getting back up right away. Sometimes big moves feel meaningless.
Still, it was a really enjoyable show as always.