The Kings and Queens of Kong


In honour of, well, I don’t know actually. Let’s say Donkey Kong. In honour of the barrel throwing gorilla named Donkey, I decided to take a look at some of the great “Kongs” of professional wrestling.

Something about the word “Kong” really grabs me. Maybe it’s just the hard “k” sound that makes swearing so fun. It’s probably just my love of Nintendo and big gorillas.

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King Kong Czaja

This first “kong” is slightly before my time, by about a century.

King Kong Czaja was born Emile Czaja in Hungary, 1909. Though born in Hungary, he later settled in my old hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Czaja began amateur wrestling in the twenties and made his professional debut in India in 1937. He apparently earned the King Kong name from appearing as “King Kong” in an Indian movie.

If the internet and history are to be believed, Czaja once wrestled Hamida Pahelwan in Lahore, Pakistan in front of 200,000 people. And he wrestled a match with Japan’s Rikidozan that lasted over 3 hours in which he lost via one fall. Sounds bait excessive.

Czaja wrestled all over, Australia, India, Singapore, Europe and the UK. He wrestled against names such as GeorgePencheff, Big Bill Verna, GeorgeZbisco, LouThesz and Rikidōzan.

Czaja was a one-time All Asia Tag Team Champion with Tiger Jokinder Singh. They won the titles against Rikidōzan and Harold Sakata in a two out of three falls tournament final to crown the inaugural All Asia Tag Team Champions.

Sadly, Czaja passed away in 1970 in a car crash in Singapore while he was on his way to wrestle a match.