A Friendly Reminder of How Great Tag Team Wrestling Can Be


Formulaic. Tag team wrestling, particularly in the WWE has a very noticeable formula. Member of face team plays Ricky Morton, eventually makes hot tag, face team either picks up the win, or the heels steal the victory. Now, I know that I may be oversimplifying things here. Obviously there is some variation to this formula, and with teams like The Dust Brothers, The Wyatts, and the USO’s in the mix, there have been a lot of really good tag matches in the WWE as of late – though the combination of said three teams has begun to wear thin.

One tag team, not in the WWE, has been showing for months now just how incredible tag team wrestling can be. Dragon Gate’s current Open the Twin Gate Champions T-Hawk and Eita have been putting on incredibly impressive display after incredibly impressive display of fast paced, hard hitting and innovative tag tam wrestling, while at the same time maintaining, to a degree, the tried and true “formula” of tag team wrestling.

Their recent September 23rd Summer Adventure Tag League Match in Osaka against Jimmy Susumu and Jimmy Kagetora was undoubtedly one of the best displays of how great tag team wrestling really can be. Hot tags, near falls, saves, innovation, drama, and certainly Dragon Gate’s infamous car crash no selling action. It’s a must see match for fans of tag team wrestling. Enjoy!