It’s Better if You Watch This: Dia Hearts vs. Monster Express


Dragon Gate’s “The Gate of Victory” on October 9th in Korakuen Hall saw Dia Hearts take on Monster Express in a Three Singles Match Series.
The first of the three matches was between Shingo Takagi of Monster Express and Dragon Kid of Dia Hearts. That match was immediately followed by ME’s resident Speed Racer Yoshino against current Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion BxB Hulk. The third and final match pitted ME’s Akira Tozawa against DH’s Masaaki Mochizuki.
Dia Hearts is the newest unit to be formed in Dragon Gate, while Monster Express has been a strong unit for a while now, which also includes Ricochet and Uhaa Nation.

The series was a brilliant exhibition of top-notch wrestling, storytelling and working the crowd.
The first match, which was as big a mismatch as can be in Dragon Gate, was a really well worked big man vs. small man battle. It’s was an excellent showing for Dragon Kid, who had some great moments, including a great “fighting spirit” spot near the end, proving he can go and hang with the best (and biggest) of them.
Before DK and Shingo could even leave the ring after their match, BxB Hulk and Yoshino were already in the ring. It worked really well to keep up the energy of the crowd from the end of the first match to the start of the second.
After Yoshino’s and Hulk’s quickly paced battle, Akira Tozawa and Masaaki Mochizuki came in for the third and final match, which saw Mochizuki’s vicious kicks and veteran instincts face Akira Tozawa’s youth and heart. A great spot was when Tozawa, who will be facing BxB Hulk in an upcoming show for the title, used a few of Hulk’s signature moves on Mochizuki in what was a really good sequence.

I highly recommend checking out Dia Hearts vs. Monster Express Three Singles Match Series, which you can do right here!