It’s Better If You Buy This: Wrestling Mishmash



Wrestling Mishmash is the second in Alex Bennett’s Mishmash series. His first Mishmash, which was called Football Mishmash, included 2000 individually drawn characters and over 500 historic moments from football history. Now take that, but replace football with pro-wrestling, and you’ve got Alex’s newest work, Wrestling Mishmash.

Wrestling Mishmash is a Kickstarter funded, enormous illustration which includes countless (well, you can count them if you like) wrestlers from wrestling’s modern history. IT’s basically the “Where’s Wally” of wrestling. Not only does it include wrestlers, but famous scenes from wrestling history, like the Undertaker throwing Mankind off the Hell in a Cell,  and my favourite, Chris Jericho reading his impressive list of holds. ARMBAR!

The incredibly detailed illustration doesn’t just feature mainstream stars of past and present, it also features lesser known indie stars, such as England’s Zack Sabre Jr., and Chikara favourites The Colony and Dasher Hatfield, just to name a few.

The Wrestling Mishmash 69cm  x 99cm poster is a must own piece for any wrestling fan. Get yours here right now!