Goodbye, Ryotsu Shimizu! Hello, Big R Shimizu!


History was made this past week when Dragon Gate’s resident ‘Kankichi Ryotsu’ cosplayer got himself a new look, a new name, and a new team.

Recently, after an assault by Punch Tominaga which resulted in Ryotsu Shimizu losing his pants, he was assisted by the newly formed Dia Hearts, who reached out to Shimizu and invited him to join their team.

At the Gate of Victory event on October 28, Shimizu debuted as the newest member of Dia Hearts, complete with a new look and new name.

Goodbye, Ryotsu Shimizu! You’ll be sorely missed.

Hello, Big R Shimizu! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.41.54 pm

You’re thighs are very muscular.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.40.12 pm

Will this new look Shimizu have more success than the previous Shimizu. Probably not. After a valiant effort, he was defeated soundly by Shingo Takagi that same night. But hey, it’s early days.

By the way, does this new look Shimizu remind of anyone? Perhaps someone who lost their last name not so long ago?