The Potential of Adam Rose: PARTY’S OVER!


These days my interest in Japanese and indie pro graps has exceeded my interest in the WWE. Of course, I still follow the product. I watch Raw and NXT and the “Special Events”, but in terms of what I talk and write about, Japan and the indies has become focus. Nonetheless, every once in a while something happens in the WWE that piques my interest. Surprisingly to me in this case, it’s Adam Rose and the Bunny.  And this is why…

He did it. He finally did it. Adam Rose actually did SOMETHING! Adam Rose, after months and months of soulless partying and iced tea peddling, finally did SOMETHING!

He showed for the first time since his debut on the main roster some actual, real life, can’t take it back, character development. He actually did something besides dance – win – dance, or dance – lose – dance. Recently on Smackdown, Adam Rose lost a match to R-Truth. The reason he lost is because Truth did his dance, and the Bunny got up on the apron and starting mimicking Truth. Rose told him to get down and Truth snuck up from behind ad rolled him up for the win. After the match is when the magic happened. Adam Rose, upset with his loss and the distraction by the Bunny, shoved the Bunny down, and then went on with his usual partying up the ramp and to the back.

The same thing happened on the following Raw. During Rose’s match with Tyson Kidd, the Bunny curiously went up to the top rope. Rose called him to get down, and while distracted got put in the Sharpshooter by Kidd and had no choice but to tap out. This time after the match, Rose super kicked the Bunny right in the ovaries. Or the mid-section. Rose then routinely danced his way to the back with his conglomerate of Rosebuds while giving the hurt Bunny some glaring looks.

Then on Main Event, the story continued, but a new element was added. Rose defeated Stardust when Stardust was distracted by the Bunny fighting with Goldust on the outside. This time after the match, Rose told the Bunny he did good and they all danced happily to the back, and presumably into the party bus, and continued partying on their way to the next event.

I’m so glad something interesting is finally developing with the Adam Rose character. From the moment he debuted on Raw, I’ve felt like the Adam Rose party time all the time gimmick was a naturally heel gimmick. On NXT, it worked as a fun, face gimmick. Maybe it’s the indie feel of the show and the smaller audience that has a bit more fun with the characters. I don’t know. But after he moved the party over to Raw, he came off more like a heel. I mean, he’s basically this soulless, non-stop, obnoxious, raver, and the routine dancing to and from the ring with whichever extras WWE could round up in whichever city they were in soon wore out it’s welcome. Then, the Bunny became a bit more prominent, he started to stand out among the pack of Rosebuds. He started to develop a personality, and eventually got physically involved in Rose’s matches. That’s when things started to get slightly more interesting with Rose. The routine finally changed, if only slightly.

But now, they’ve pushed it a bit further. They’ve added a new layer. SOMETHING’S HAPPENING! After animal-abusing the Bunny two weeks in a row, the Bunny continues to come out with Rose and the Buds, dancing like animal abuse ain’t no biggy. This raises the question, what exactly is the relationship between Rose and the Rosebuds? Are they merely fellow ravers? Groupies? Employees? Hostages? Addicts? What kind of hold does Rose have over them? Is he keeping their family members locked up somewhere? Threatening to do something to them if the Rosebuds don’t follow his orders. And why would the Bunny continue to act like party time as per usual after being assaulted by Rose. Is the Bunny some kind of addict? Is Rose his supplier? Or even worse, has Rose got the Easter Bunny locked up somewhere? Maybe Rose is holding Easter hostage, and the Bunny has to do what he says, or kids, Easter is over!

What I’m getting at, or at least trying to, I keep getting sidetracked with new theories. Like what if Bunny is actually Usagi Yojimbo with amnesia? And Rose has gotten into his ear and tricked the Bunny into trusting him and doing his evil bidding. That would explain the rad spin kicks.

Dang it! I did it again. What I was trying to say is that there are just so many directions WWE can go in with this storyline. And I’m really interested in which direction they choose. The happy, or angry dancing wrestler gimmick has absolutely no legs. Has anyone seen Fandango lately? How about the only living, breathing funkosaurus? This is the first time Rose has had the potential to be something more than another forgotten gimmick wrestler. With a little creativity, this could actually be the beginning of something great. Rose has the potential to become interesting character, with more than one lollipop flavoured layer.

But then again, even a little creativity is a lot to ask for from the WWE these days. At least we can still dream, and hope for the best.

Oh yes! Give me more!