2014 Submission Maneuver of the Year

I can’t believe I forgot to include this in the 2014 Koala Mask Awards!!!

What you are seeing above is DJ Nira defeating Super Sasadango Machine and Antonio Honda in a 3-Way match at DDT Wrestle Koyama Hotei on September 21st 2014. Antonio Honda is the one in the corner punching himself in the genitals. DDT everyone!

The reason such an unconventional submission maneuver was so successful in the match was because the leg of Super Sasadango machine had been “hurt” earlier in the match. That’s about as much explanation as you’ll get.

J-Shoot: Kenny Omega Interview

In a special episode of J-Shoot, I had the absolute pleasure of talking with the Bullet Club’s newest member Kenny “The Cleaner” Omega. You can listen to the interview on iTunes, PodOmatic, and Stitcher.

Kenny talks extensively about his career in wrestling, DDT, NJPW, Bullet Club, PWG, wrestling rubber sex dolls and young girls, Wrestle Kingdom 9 and more.

One of the highlights for me was Kenny talking about his epic encounter with ACH at PWG BOLA 2014. A match which involved Streetfighter moves, Austin vs. The Rock, and even a chainsaw*.

Kenny also talks about the inspiration for his new “The Cleaner” Bullet Club persona.

You can follow Kenny Omega on Twitter here, and you can watch him wrestle live at the highly anticipated New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9 from the Tokyo Dome on January 4th, available on NJPW World and on PPV in association with Global Force Wrestling. Finally, you can follow me on twitter here.

*Not a real chainsaw. 

Now Accepting Questions For Kenny Omega

Howdy, Strong Stylers!

This week on J-Shoot, I will be talking with the Bullet Club’s newest member Kenny “The Cleaner” Omega.

I am now taking listener questions to ask Kenny Omega during the interview.

If you’d like to ask Kenny Omega a question, you can send them to me on twitter @TheKoalaMask using #AskOmega.  Alternatively, you can email me questions at jshootpodcast@gmail.com.

Be the wind!

J-Shoot Episode 9: 2014 Japanese Wrestling Year in Review With Bonski! Show Notes

-Listen to J-Shoot at these strong styling places: iTunes, PodOmatic, and Stitcher. Maybe leave a nice review while you’re at it, eh?

-It’s Bonski! This week on J-Shoot, I am joined by the awesome Bonski to discuss the year that was/still is 2014. We talk about the highs and lows of New Japan Pro Wrestling, cover some of the biggest stories of the year, and finally we talk about our favourite matches, wrestlers, feuds etc., of the year. Please check it out and don’t forget to share it in all those places where sharing is accepted.

-You can check out Bonksi’s favourite Japanese matches playlist. I recommend the Hashimoto bouts.

-Speaking of Shinya Hashimoto, he was named this week’s Best Wrestler Ever (Last Week). You can read the article here.

-You can also check out the 2014 Koala Mask Awards here.

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soccer kickman PK

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-In case you’ve forgotten, be the wind!


Best Wrestler Ever (Last Week): Shinya Hashimoto

BEST WRESTLER EVER IS BACK! I don’t know where it went or what it’s been doing, but I do know it’s back! And this week’s Best Wrestler Ever is a little different to usual. Instead of choosing a current pro-wrestler who has caught my attention, I’ve chosen a wrestler from the past who has caught my attention. That wrestler this week is Shinya Hashimoto.

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