NJPW World Is a Go!

NJPW (1)

It’s a brave new world.  WWE did it first with the WWE Network (well, UFC did it first really, but I’m talking about pro graps!), New Japan has been pretty quick to follow with NJPW World.

NJPW World launched today, December 1st 2014, and it’s basically the same as the WWE Network, except everything is in Japanese, most importantly the wrestling, and Google Translate is hilarious.  The website is www.njpwworld.com.

NJPW World is New Japan’s version of the WWE Network. It costs ¥999 (sounds familiar) a month, and basically includes every New Japan live show, even the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 from the Tokyo Dome on January 4th, the following night’s show, and the Fantasticamania events.

There’s a whole bunch of archived content, including classic matches and full events dating back to 1972. I’m watching Wrestle Kingdom 1 as I write this. The video quality is really great, though I do notice that the entrances and music have been cut out of this show. Not sure if it’s like that with other shows.

Signing up is very easy, though if you can’t read Japanese, I’d recommend using Google Chrome so that you can translate the pages to English. Once that’s done, it’s super quick and easy. Navigating the site is a bit of an adventure, as not all the menus can be translated to English, so it’s a bit of a guessing game, albeit a fun one.

I’m not sure how old Slap Nuts Double J and GFW feel about Wrestle Kingdom 9 streaming live. It’s hard to say at this stage if it will have an effect on GFW’s PPV numbers. There’s always the worry that the live stream could go down, so buying the PPV would be a safe bet. Plus the GFW version has the added bonus of English commentary.

Hopefully they come out with an app at some stage similar to the WWE app, rather than just a website.

Anywho, enough writing! I’ve got 40 plus years of New Japan Pro Wrestling to catch up on. I can’t wait! If I had a social life, this is the part where I would say my farewells to it.