BUSHI Injured at New Japan Road To Tokyo Dome, Korakuen Hall

NJPW (1)


**UPDATE: New Japan has confirmed that BUSHI will be out for 6 months. Very sad news. KoalaMask.com wishes BUSHI the speediest of recoveries.  

Oh my god that did not look good! During tonight’s New Japan Road to Tokyo Dome event from Korakuen Hall, BUSHI attempted a dive/flip/something from the top rope during a six-man tag match, and landed very high on the back of his neck, as can be seen above. While the match  continued, BUSHI was attended to by doctors on the apron. After the match, BUSHI was carried to the back on a stretcher wearing a neck brace.

I haven’t heard any reports on how serious the injury is, but it certainly didn’t look good. After watching the video over and over again, all I can gather is that BUSHI might have been caught in two minds as to whether he was going to do a frontsault, or jump and land on his feet and then roll.  Clearly going with neither was not the right choice.

And like a potentially serious neck injury isn’t bad enough, we are less than 15 days away from New Japan’s biggest show of the year. While BUSHI was most likely only going to appear in the pre-show battle royal, after a bump like that it’s doubtful he’ll still be on the show. Missing the January 4th Tokyo Dome show would be terribly disappointing.  Let’s just hope that it looked worse than it actually was, and wish BUSHI a speedy recovery.

I was going to call this story “BUSHI’s Sin Cara Impression Is Unfortunately Too Good,” but felt I should wait until I hear that he’s alright before cracking wise.