Here Adrian Neville Comes to Save The Day!

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I don’t cover WWE stories all that often. Japanese pro wrestling has really been my focus over the past year now. But sometimes big news breaks out of the WWE that I simply can’t ignore.

Mighty Mouse is joining the WWE! Well, not exactly.

According to the one who observes (The Observer), former NXT Champion Adrian Neville may be next to be brought up to the main roster. And in true WWE fashion, instead of going with what’s worked for him in NXT, where he’s, you know, been developing his character, they’ve been thinking of a new character for when he debuts. One of the suggestions is putting a mask on him and turning him into a cartoon character for the kids based on Mighty Mouse.

While changing his character for his main roster debut kind of defeats the purpose of him being in developmental all this time, I am very into the idea of a 1940s anthropomorphic superhero mouse wrestler.

Nothing against Mighty Mouse, who has got some very commendable rocket riding skills, but if you’re gong to turn a cartoon mouse into a pro wrestler, there’s no better mouse than…

Danger Mouse!

Danger Mouse was the “Ace” before Hiroshi Tanahashi even knew what a frog splash was. Sorry folks, but Mighty Mouse ain’t got nothing on DM!