King of Arts: Wrestle Kingdom 9, Sammi Zayn, GBH, CM Punk


King of Arts is a weeklyish collection of the best wrestling art from around the squared web. Many talented cartoonists, illustrators, and pro wrestling fans share their work on sites like Flickr, Tumblr,Twitter, DeviantArt, and an endless number of art blogs. King of Arts was created to showcase these artists and their work.

Please visit their sites, see more of their work, buy their stuff, or get a commission on an original piece.


If you’d like your art featured in King of Arts, you can send art, or art links to or contact me on twitter @TheKoalaMask.

Absolutely none of the art that you see is mine.  All art is credited to its owners. If you wish for your art to be taken down, simply let me know at the above email address.


Wrestle Kingdom 9 Match Card by Tapla

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Happy New Year 2015!! with little Naito & Sethie by Tapla

Braniel Christmas by Shinkumancer

Braniel Christmas by Shinkumancer

Art by @matsu_bomaYe

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The New Day by @fuguta39

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Lana and Rusev – WWE Chibi Comic #02 by Diogo Pacheco

Wrestlerbutts by tattiOsala

Wrestlerbutts by tattiOsala

Great Bash Heel by @IPWDave2

Kokeshien Pool by Ayano Nikaido

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Punk No More by Vee <br /> "PUNK NO MORE!"<br />

Catch Me If You Can by GRC

Catch Me If You Can!

Art by Vashparado

Friendship by Chris Haley

I got to draw two of my favorite things (X-Men + wrestling) for someone for their birthday! </p> <p>90s Cyclops &amp; Sami Zayn are friendship pals!</p> <p>You can get some art from me too at;!

Art by Hitomi

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Art by Rob Schamberger

WK9 by Rainmaker Inc.