NJPW World SHORT x SHORT #010: No Shirts Komatsu

Welcome, puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Each week on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars are up to outside the ring.

Last week, Sho Tanaka ran foul of a sinister soup dish. This week, we get a very shirtless Yohei Komatsu targeting the tris, and then talking on the phone.

Umm, so yeah. This is probably going to be the quickest SHORT x SHORT breakdown ever.

The video starts with an afore-mentioned shirtless Yohei Komatsu doing cable tricep pushdowns.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.23.54 pm

He then moves on to doing some standing overhead tricep extensions with a very heavy looking dumbbell.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.24.20 pm

Finally, he sits down to talk on the phone. With whom, I don’t know? About what? I couldn’t say.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.24.40 pm

And that’s the end of this week’s SHORT x SHORT.

No surprise Tanahashi appearance this week. No salty soup. Just Komatsu working the tris. At least he was shirtless.

You can find this week’s NJPW World SHORT x SHORT here.

NXTea Time with Koala Mask: Swellingly!

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NXTea Time February 25, 2015

This week Hideo Itami faces MIND BLANK, problems arise between a tag team we hardly ever see, Bayley takes on Headbanger Becky, Zayn rides in fast cars without coffee in Abu Dhabi, and in the main event, Finn Balor takes the the returning The Brian Kendrick. Also, Kevin Owens makes his announcing debut. It goes swell! Wait, is there an adverb of swell? Swellingly? It went swellingly! That’s not right. Anyway, who wants some tea?

Hideo Itami vs. MIND BLANK

I know his name when I watch him, but as soon as the show is over and I sit down to write this, his name completely escapes me. OK, I went and looked it up. It’s Bull Dempsey. younger, rarely talked about half brother of actor and race car driver Patrick Dempsey.
The match was fine. Dempsey got some offense in early, including his jumping hug attack. Itami came back with his KENTA like series of strikes, and finished Dempsey off with his running one legged dropkick which needs a more concise name.

Rating: Peach Tea

After the match, while Itami was pointing up at something for what felt like forever at the top of the ramp, Tyler Breeze sneakily superkicked him. With his fluffy selfie stick, he tried to take a selfie with himself and Itami’s carcass in the background. Just as he finally gets the right angle, Itami is up and chases Breeze to the ring. Itami gets a few shots in before Breeze bails. I enjoyed this. Breeze got the jump on Itami, but was foiled by his own narcissism, and Itami saved face by getting some shots in. Both guys came off looking good. A rarity in WWE.

After commercial, we get a THE BRIAN KENDRICK promo. Never been a big Kendrick fan. I don’t not like him. I kind of enjoy his mannerisms and style, I guess, but his ring work has never done it for me. Still, it’s a nice blast from the past. He seems like a cool guy. Last time I was him was at a New Japan house show in Gifu a couple of years back. I was surprised to see him then, and i’m surprised to see him now.

Lucha Dragons vs. Ty Dillinger and Jason Jordan

As the – insert collective name for Dillinger and Jordan here – make their entrance, Solomon Crowe hacks the…titantron? He says he’s on a mission to become NXT champion. How novel. As the hack ends, we get some SMPTE colour bars and a really quick silhouette of a crow. A crow, eh? That’s interesting. Very interesting. In fact, I think that means it’s time for…

Tales from the Tea Cup

Solomon Crowe. Crow. Sting. Sting likes crows. Solomon Crowe and Sting. Is it a coincidence they are both in the WWE right now, at the same time? Probably. But is there a connection? No. And what is it? Nothing. But maybe something. Maybe this:

Before, Solomon Crowe is a super titantron hacking hacker, he was Solly Borden, son of Sting. Solly was a normal child. He had friends, he played Nintendo, and he loved watching his dad perform on WCW Nitro every week. One day, WCW dies by the hands of WWE. Little Solly is devastated, and implores his daddy to go beat up those evil WWE baddies for killing WCW. But Sting does nothing. He goes down with the ship. This is a turning point in Solly’s life. He discovers hair products and leather jackets, he steals a copy of “Hacking for Dummies” from the local library. The book also gives him pretty neat wrestling skills, which Solomon uses to get himself hired by WWE. But why would he join the company he hates? REVENGEANCE! Solomon is going to take the company down from the inside, using Stretch Mufflers and titantron hacking. Sting, a devout Christian, catches wind of his little boy’s plan. He’s against REVENGEANCE, so to save his son’s soul, he decides to finally step into a WWE ring, so that he can take the company down himself, or at least the man who “singlehandedly destroyed WCW,” Triple H, and in doing so, maybe win back little Solly’s respect.

Also, there was a match. Here’s the skinny: Jordan wants to tag in. Dillinger tells Jordan to relax. Jordan bails. Kalisto wins with Salida del Sol. One of the announcers, probably Alex Riley, says “It might as well have been two on one down the stretch.” Well, I would say it was two on one down down the stretch.

Rating: Weight To Go! Pu-erh Tea

Official: Yoshiko Suspended Indefinitely for Stardom Incident

yoshiko 2

Stardom owner Rossy Ogawa held a press conference today at the Zero1 Dojo regarding the February 22 Stardom incident. According to Daily Sports Online, these are the main points from the press conference:

  • Yoshiko has been suspended indefinitely and stripped of the World of Stardom Championship.
  • The outcome of the February 22 main event has been changed from a TKO victory to a No Contest.
  • At the press conference, Yoshiko apologised for the incident and accepted her punishment.
  • It was conformed that the relationship between Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa was not good before the time of the match.
  • Yasukawa’s nose and cheek bone were broken, and she was diagnosed with a concussion due to shaking of both retina. They also stated that her left orbital bone was fractured (*Strange, because it looked like the left. Perhaps it was the right cheekbone).
  • Stardom officials Rossy Ogawa, Fuka, and Nanae Takahashi are all taking a 30% cut in pay.
  • Three changes have been made to Stardom’s Policies:
    1. A ring doctor will be present at all Stardom events.
    2. Closed fist strikes are now completely banned. If even one closed fist strike is thrown, the wrestler who threw the strike will be disqualified.
    3. The third point I couldn’t quite get a clear translation of. I believe that Hojo Kairi is now head of the “Players Association.” I believe that means she will be handling talent relations. Like an intermediary between wrestlers and management. Regular meetings with the wrestlers will be held where opinions and ideas can be exchanged. Hojo Karai will lead the meetings.

I apologise if I have incorrectly translated any points. Please contact me on Twitter @TheKoalaMask, or by email at kamenkoala@gmail.com if you have any corrections or updates. 

NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 009: Sho Tanaka and the Sinister Soup

If you enjoyed watching Yohei Komatsu’s adventures in sweeping in NJPW SHORT x SHORT 008, then you’re in for a tasty treat with episode 009.

Episode 009 follows Young Lion Sho Tanaka as he is preparing the world’s largest pot of soup. A taste test reveals Tanaka must have gone a little crazy with the salt. Tanaka spends the next minute watering down the soup in the most monotonous manner imaginable. It’s delightful. Just after the two-minute mark, a favourable shirtless Yohei Komatsu makes a cameo and tastes Tanaka’s saline soup. He nearly dies. After what looks like a long day at the office, Hiroshi Tanahashi arrives sporting a white business shirt and tie. Tanaka serves up the giant pot of soup (all for Tanahashi?).

Does Tanahashi enjoy the soup? Will Tanaka become the King of Culinary? Will Yohei Komatsu find his shirt? Watch NJPW SHORT x SHORT 009 to find out!

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Essential Act Yasukawa Reading

As I continue to bring updates on Act Yasukawa and the Stardom incident, now’s as good a time as any to recommend a couple of great stories on Act Yasukawa.

I’ve linked this one before, but here is absolutely fantastic interview with Act Yasukawa from March 2014 from then dirtydirtsheets.com. It’s this interview that made me an instant fan of a performer who before I’d had only minor knowledge of. Yakusawa is very open about all aspects of her life, from pro wrestling to her personal struggles. If you don’t fully understand the outpouring of emotion towards Yasukawa, and what it is that makes her such an impossibly likable and sympathetic character, this interview will shed some light, as Yasukawa shares her life story. The interview was conducted by Sonny Gutierrez and Leslie Lee III, and written by Leslie Lee III.

The next story I highly recommend is also by Sonny Gutierrez of Wrestling is Art (I believe formerly dirtydirtsheets.com, but correct me if I’m wrong). It’s simply titled The Stardom Incident, and is Sonny’s first person account of what happened at the February 22 Stardom show from Korakuen Hall. As with the aforementioned interview, this story is very well written and gives a clear account of what really happened at the event. Sonny talks about Yasukawa’s passion for pro wrestling, and her attitude going into the main event with Yoshiko.

Follow Pro Wrestling Is Art for more great pro wresting articles and interviews.