Getting to “NOAH” Pro Wrestling NOAH


A few things you should NOAH’bout Pro Wrestling NOAH, a quick and dirty look at its history, and why now is a good time to board the ark.

Get it? NOAH’bout?

Nailed it.

NOAH and Me

New Japan is the best! Ok, surely that’s not the best way to begin an article about Pro Wrestling NOAH. Stick with me here. New Japan is the best! It’s so good right now, that sometimes I wake up in a panic with the thought that one day it might stop being this good. It WILL happen sooner or later. Wrestling goes up and down in waves like that. Dragon Gate is also a lot of fun. Different style to NJPW, not quite as popular, but still has some great wrestling. Then there’s the little gem that is DDT. A great mix of quality wrestling and complete absurdity. Ballet dancing to Swan Lake mid-match should not be happening, but it did and I love it! Those are the three promotions I love the most out of Japan. And then there’s NOAH. I don’t regularly watch NOAH for a few reasons. I’ll check out a match here and there, and I’m familiar with some of the workers, but nothing has ever got me hooked. Though, some recent events may just change that. More on that later. I don’t “NOAH” why it doesn’t get me. Get it? “NOAH why”. The match quality can be very good, and they have some great workers, but for some reason it’s never got me like other promotions have. Maybe it’s the green ring mat. What is this, a tennis court? Maybe it’s because I just don’t have the time to begin following yet another wrestling promotion. There are only so many hours in the day, and my wife and son would like me to not watch pro wrestling for all of them.

As I mentioned before, certain recent events have piqued my interest in NOAH. While I’m still not a die-hard fan, I’m certainly paying more attention to the goings on in NOAH than I ever have before. It all began with Wrestle Kingdom 9 and the match which involved a few of NOAH’s top guys. The match involved New Japan’s Toru Yano, teaming with NOAH’s champion Naomichi Marufuji, and the tag team of TMDK (Mikey Nichols and Shane Haste) facing off against Suzuki-gun members Davey Boy Smith Jr., Lance Archer, Shelton Benjamin and Takashi Iizuka. The match was short, and really just a showcase for the NOAH guys, whom I was somewhat familiar with before WK9, but not very. This match came about as the result of some kind of working relationship between NJPW and NOAH. The details of the relationship are still not entirely known (by me), but it looks as though NJPW may be financially invested in NOAH. If that’s the case, it’s definitely good news for NOAH, as the promotions has reportedly been struggling financially for a while. Whatever the case, the relationship has meant cross promotion between the two companies, with NOAH guys participating at WK9, and the Suzuki-gun stable from New Japan now involved in a big angle in NOAH. And it’s with the Suzuki-gun angle that I will begin to list a few reasons why now may be a good time for you to start paying attention to NOAH (If you’re already paying attention to NOAH, I guess you can stop reading here if you want, but I’d be happy if you continued). But, before I do that, let’s take a quick and dirty look at Pro Wrestling NOAH’s history.

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