NXTea Time with Koala Mask: NXT TakeOver: Rival


Pour yourself a cuppa, sit back, and relax because it’s NXTea Time!

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Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze: KENTA surfaces, if only briefly.

Itami has been working hard since day 1 to adapt to the WWE style. It seems to be taking a little longer than expected, by I don’t Itami’s ability to become a star in WWE. Meanwhile, Finn Balor has for the most part kept everything about himself that made him special in New Japan. His move set hasn’t changed drastically. He still does big, elaborate entrances for the big shows, though it looks like he’s sticking with the one theme for the time being. It’s hard not to compare Balor and Itami. One is working hard to adapt to a new style, one is doing everything his own way and is already beyond ready for a main roster debut. Balor does have the advantage due to the language barrier that Itami faces, but he’s still made a much bigger impact in a shorter time than Itami.

For the first time since debuting in NXT, KENTA APPEARED! In his match against Breeze, Itami made one the best fiery comebacks I’ve seen in a long time. His strikes had some real venom behind them, and he kicked Breeze’s guts out of his guts with that spin kick. Those few seconds were the most KENTA I’ve seen out of Itami in a long while, and leaves me wanting to see more.

Of course, he once again teased the GTS, which by this point I’m not even sure if I want him to hit. When he does debut on the main roster, there won’t be a whole lot of people he’ll be able to hit that move on crisply anyway. Also the fact that people keep escaping the move is kind of giving me the impression that he’s not good at performing it. I’d get a kick out of it if not hitting the GTS became his thing. Like he teases it for the next ten years, and maybe hits it in his last match.

My favourite Breeze moment was the attack hug by a fan during his entrance. He was good in the match too.

Rating: Earl Grey Black Tea