New Japan Cup 2015 Brackets


The New Japan Cup 2015 brackets have been announced, and here’s an Englishised version thanks to @peskyyy!


Nothing out of this world exciting in round 1. Fale and Okada will finally meet in singles action and hopefully that’ll be the end of the program.

Honma vs. Makabe ought to be very physical. Hopefully Honma’s recovered from the flu by then, in time to put Honma over who is going to win it all. Calling it now! Honma: Wrestler of the Year.

I was surprised to see Ishii isn’t in the tournament. That is until @voicesofwrestling reminded me he’s the Never champ, which is forgotten about after two days. I suppose the winner of the Cup has the option to challenge for the Never title as well as the IC and Heavyweight title. Who on earth would pass up an opportunity for the IWGP Heavyweight title for a shot at Ishii’s Never title? Honma maybe? I’d pay to see that rematch.

I’m sure after the first round things will get very interesting.