The Real Reason Sweets Makabe Missed NJPW New Beginnings


Photo courtesy of NJPW

As you may have noted, Togi Makabe failed to defend his Never title at New Japan’s New Beginning in Sendai, and as a result was stripped of the belt. Tomohiro Ishii and Tomoaki Honma went on to have a potential MOTY for the vacant title. The reason given for Makabe missing the match was that he had what must have been a severe case of the flu.

However, due to a recently leaked photo, the truth has been revealed. Togi Makabe didn’t have the flu, he had a tummy ache!

It’s no secret Makabe has a major sweet tooth, hence the nickname “Sweets” Makabe. Unfortunately, Makabe over indulged and had one custard filled puff pastry too many. “Sweets” was diagnosed by New Japan’s medical staff as having “a severe tummy boo boo.”

Apparently it’s not the first “sweets” related incident involving Makabe. Makabe has had documented issues with his jaw, stemming from years of jawbreakers abuse.

New Japan bookers Jado and Gedo are reportedly planning to stage an intercandyvention for Makabe, in the hopes of preventing further sweets based injuries.

Oh “Sweets” Makabe, when will you learn?

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