DDT King of Dark Title Is My New Favourite Title


Oh how I love DDT. Even Their dark matches now have a twist.

The face of a champion

At DDT Super Saitama DDT on February 15th, a new title debuted, The King of Dark Title. Unlike a traditional title, the King of Dark title is won by losing, specifically losing the dark match.

Gota Ihashi (Kota Ibushi’s half brother) had the unfortunate honor of becoming the first ever King of Dark champion when Hiroshi Fukuda & Hoshitango defeated Gota Ihashi & DJ Nira. Fukuda pinned Ihashi with a Cradle, hence Ihashi became the champion.

Ihashi took the loss/win like a champ, noting that the King Of Dark title has the same initials as DDT’s top title, the KO-D Openweight title.

The saddest part about this great new title is that we’ll probably never see it defended, unless we go to a live DDT show.

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