Naomichi Marufuji Did Something Impressive (Though Not Recently)


I’ve recently started following Pro Wrestling NOAH, and it’s 100% thanks to the Suzukigun invasion, and 0% thanks to Naomichi Marufuji. . OK, that’s not completely true, It’s 90% because of the Suzukigun angle, -10% because of TAICHI, 25% because of Zack Sabre Jr., and 0% because of Naomichi Marufuji.

Nothing against Marufuji, he just doesn’t click with me. He’s got some cool moves, his matches are decent, but they just don’t do anything for me. Also, his hairstyle is Nakamura adjace (As a certain Rosenberg might say).

With all that said, I’m 200% into a high jump style dropkick over the top rope. Please do more of that, Marufuji. Also, maybe consider giving that old mane of yours a trim. That old short hair look ain’t so bad.

By the way, did anyone else think at the start of the video that Marufuji was getting down to business with the corner turnbuckle? Just me? Oh ok.

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