NXTea Time with Koala Mask: Rhinoceros!


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WWE NXT 18/2/2015: Rhinoceros!

William Regal opens the show telling us that Kevin Owens is a big meanie, but he won the title fair and square. You can tell me anything you want, William Regal. I’m not going to remember any of it because I’ll be lost in your eyes.

Owens comes to the ring for a promo. It’s good, because it’s Kevin Owens, but the cadence of his voice felt a little too WWE for my liking. It was still better than most guys’ promos, but I hope Owens doesn’t forget who he is.

He’s Steen.

Elias Sampson vs. Rocksteady

Former ECW and WWE US champion Rhinoceros debuts on NXT and gores the jobber out of Elias Sampson.

Rating: Tea Braid

Backstage, Finn Balor was talking people’s opinions of themselves when Rhinoceros walked by. Eye contact was made, so I assume they’ll be having a match one day.