Great News! DDT King of Dark Champion Gota Ihashi Remains Defeated! Wait, What?


In the opening dark match of DDT Into The Fight on 21/2/2015, Gota Ihashi retained the King of Dark title by being defeated by Suguru Miyatake with the Heart Attack.


This was Ihashi’s first successful (unsuccessful?) defense of the title. he will remain King of Dark champion until he wins a dark match, in which case he will lose the title – that’s a good thing.

As per usual, because it was the dark match, I have no idea how the match went for Ihashi. I can only assume he performed multiple Phoenix Splashes and moonsaults, before he lost to the Heart Attack, which I presume is when Miyatake forces his opponent to eat an extremely unhealthy amount of greasy fast food until the opponent’s heart can’t take any more.

Also on the show was a match I am very intrigued by called the Kazuki Hirata Tokyo GO Numbers Game. I have zero idea what that means. All I know is that HARASHIMA defeated Hirata with the Somato in the first round. I sincerely hope this show was televised so I can eventually see what happened for myself.

Thanks to Dramatic DDT website for the always fantastic DDT news and reports.

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