Stardom Main Event Ends in Shoot Between Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa



Still no word on the extent of Yasukawa’s injuries. The official Stardom website has only released the following details, crudely translated by Google Translate:

To the fan of everyone Today, the main in place the World of stardom championship game of the Korakuen Hall tournament, champion, world Ⅳ tiger vs challenger Yasukawa惡斗game was now incomplete results of seconds of towel on. And惡斗but has been transported to the injured hospital, tomorrow swelling of the eye badly, is a situation that re-examination. This kind of audience absence struggle is not the essence of stardom. Tomorrow take this situation very seriously as organizations, Fuka GM representatives of each unit, including the (Showa Army = Nanae Takahashi, fiscal Army = Io Shirai, Oedo Corps = Kyoko Kimura) I will do an emergency meeting attracted. And points to be improved by modifying, our willing to perform a better organization management. I ask the extent of your support in the future. This time was not excuse apologize a great deal of worry to everyone of fan.
Ltd. stardom
Representative Director lossy Ogawa

From what I understand, the Stardom higher ups will be holding a meeting today to determine how to handle this situation.


Stardom champion Yoshiko seemingly started shooting on Act Yasukawa in the main event of today’s (February 22nd) Stardom show from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

IMG_2800 (2)

Photos sourced from Twitter

At this time, little bit and pieces of reports are trickling in, mostly just fan speculation. Yahoo Sports has reported that Yasukawa received medical treatment backstage,  and was then taken by ambulance to Tokyo Hospital. Judging by the pictures, Act looks to be in pretty rough shape. She’s only recently returned to Stardom after surgery on her right eye, which was nearly completely blind.

The fight ended the show on a very sour note. Of course, it’s pro wrestling, so there’s always the chance of this being an angle. Looking at the photos and the report from Tokyo Sports, I would say that’s unlikely in this case.

I’m very interested to learn the cause of the fight, what penalties Yoshiko will face, and the extent of Yasukawa’s injuries. I’ll report any updates as they come in.

I wish Act Yasukawa all the best in this time.

There’s a great article on Act Yasukawa’s incredible story here. I higly recommend checking it out.