The Inverted Atomic Drop – Are You Even Legal, Bro?


It’s the age-old question. Even older than the one about the chicken or the egg. Why is the Inverted Atomic Drop a legal move? Never has a topic divided more people, probably. For some, it’s basically no different to a regular Atomic Drop, which targets the opponents tailbone. For others, it’s a straight up knee to the dick, or the general dick area. The crotch, if you will.

After doing some extensive research – two minutes with Google – I read a lot of different opinions on the matter. The two camps are fairly even split, with half defending its legality, and the other half baffled by its legality.

I will now present my findings for and against legality of the Inverted  Atomic Drop. Firstly, the most common argument is that the move is targeting the opponents tailbone, a body part which is fair game in pro wrestling. Some say that if it’s not targeting the tailbone, it’s only getting as far as the taint. I’m not 100% certain on what the rule books say about taint attacks. As far as I know, the taint is not off-limits. The problem with this argument is that nobody sells the move by grabbing their tailbone, or taint. With the regular Atomic drop, the receiver always clearly grabs their tailbone/butt area. Observe:

However, with the Inverted Atomic Drop, the receiver almost never fails to grab their pee pee/pee pee bag in pain. Observe:

Secondly, others are willing to admit that the Inverted Atomic Drop does actually target the crotchal area, but it’s not a strike to the crotch, which makes it OK. For example, a wrestler can throw their opponent into the steel ring steps, but they can’t pick up the steps and use them to hit their opponent. It’s similar logic with the Inverted Atomic Drop. The wrestler performing the move’s knee is in a stationary position, while the opponent falls down onto the knee using their own momentum. Basically they’re saying that it’s gravity’s fault that the opponent fell down crotch first onto a knee. I will say, I do see some flaws in that argument. The final argument for the move is that it only looks like contact is made with the dick/dick bag because the wrestler taking the move is simply selling it wrong. As stated earlier, the believed intended target of the move is the tailbone, or taint at most, but somewhere along the way, wrestlers started selling the move incorrectly by grabbing their pee pee instead of their poo poo. Looking back at some older matches, they may  have a point. Observe:

The problem with that argument is that whether they’re supposed to or not, if the receiver grabs their crotch in pain, that means the were hit in the crotch. If someone kicks you in the shins, and you grab your shoulder in pain. you’ve got some serious pain sensory issues.

To conclude, should the Inverted Atomic Drop be legal? After presenting both sides of the argument, I’ll let you decide. I will say this though, if it looks like a knee to the dick, and it sounds like a knee to the dick, and it walks like a knee to the dick, then it’s a knee to the dick.

Here’s a couple more Inverted Atomic Drops just for kicks.



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