NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 008 Featuring Yohei Komatsu Is the Strangest SHORT x SHORT Yet


One of the things I love the most and hate the most about New Japan’s subscription service, NJPW World, is the SHORT x SHORT series. I love them because they show a side of wrestlers that we aren’t often exposed to. I hate them because NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES! Come on, New Japan! The video’s are like one minute long! You can’t translate one minute of video?

Fortunately SHORT x SHORT 008 featuring Young Lion Yohei Komatsu has very little speaking, and a lot of weirdness.

For NJPW World subscribers, you can find the video here. For non-subscribers, first off, what’s wrong with you? Get onto that NJPW World goodness already! Secondly, here’s a quick rundown of the video:

It’s just over one minute long, and begins with Young Lion Yohei Komatsu sweeping outside, in front of what I presume is the New Japan Dojo. He quickly gets tired of sweeping and starts playing baseball with the broom.  After tiring of that, he sits down and begins trying to talk with passersby. seemingly failing in striking up a conversation, he begins playing the guitar with said broom. And then the video ends.

It’s a solid minute of pure Yohei Komatsu bliss. Please, do yourself a favour and check it out!

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