Yoshiko/Act Yasukawa Stardom Shoot: Rumours and Opinion


*Warning: Graphic Images Below

As reported earlier here, and here, Yoshiko brutally lashed out at Act Yasukawa during Stardom’s 22/2 Korakuen Hall main event. Yasukawa was treated at Tokyo Hospital, and has given an update on her condition via a blog post what had to be ghost-written by her mother because both of her eyes were swollen shut.

So far, those are the facts.

Now, here are the rumours currently circulating regarding the incident. Please note, none of the following has been confirmed, everything listed below is rumour:

  • Yasukawa suffered a fractured orbital bone.
  • Yasukawa suffered a broken orbital bone, a broken nose, and a concussion
  • Yoshiko has been stripped of the Stardom title and fined.
  • Yoshiko as been stripped of the title and forced to resign from Stardom.
  • Yasukawa and Yoshiko had real heat going into the match.
  • Yoshiko deliberately targeted Yasukawa’s right eye. It is a fact that Yasukawa ha a suffered from near blindness in her right eye for most of her life, and not long ago had surgery on her right eye.
  • As soon as the match started, Yoshiko began to shoot on Yasukawa. Yasukawa tried to get the match back on track, but Yoshiko continued shooting.
  • The referee was advised, after the match was clearly not going as planned, to let them continue.
  • Yoshiko was jealous of Yasukawa’s growing popularity.
  • Yoshiko didn’t want to drop the title to Yasukawa.


Like most of us, I am dumbfounded as to what would set off Yoshiko to behave in such a manner. I am very curious to hear her side of the story, though I doubt we’ll ever get a direct answer.

Personally, the reason for Yoshiko’s actions doesn’t matter. Even if she had what she believes to be a justifiable reason to carry out her actions,  there is no place for this in pro wrestling. I am not a professional wrestler, but I’ve been watching, reading and writing about pro wrestling long enough to know that one of the most important rules among pro wrestlers is to protect your opponent. You can real life hate your opponent’s guts, absolutely despise them on the deepest level, but in the ring, you are responsible for each other’s safety. Yoshiko broke this rule. Her complete disregard for her opponent’s wellbeing is absolutely inexcusable. No wrestler should ever have to go through Act Yasukawa’s experience again. Yoshiko’s pro wrestling career from this point on should be over. No promotion should ever employ her again. The trust is gone, and I don’t think it can be earned back.

If real fighting is what Yoshiko prefers, there’s plenty of MMA promotions that will surely jump at the bit to get her in, and capitalize on her newfound infamy.

If a pro wrestling promotion uses this incident in a future angle involving Yoshiko, no matter which promotion, they should be ashamed and boycotted.

This should never happen in pro wrestling:


I wish Act Yasukawa all the best and the speediest of recoveries.