Essential Act Yasukawa Reading


As I continue to bring updates on Act Yasukawa and the Stardom incident, now’s as good a time as any to recommend a couple of great stories on Act Yasukawa.

I’ve linked this one before, but here is absolutely fantastic interview with Act Yasukawa from March 2014 from then It’s this interview that made me an instant fan of a performer who before I’d had only minor knowledge of. Yakusawa is very open about all aspects of her life, from pro wrestling to her personal struggles. If you don’t fully understand the outpouring of emotion towards Yasukawa, and what it is that makes her such an impossibly likable and sympathetic character, this interview will shed some light, as Yasukawa shares her life story. The interview was conducted by Sonny Gutierrez and Leslie Lee III, and written by Leslie Lee III.

The next story I highly recommend is also by Sonny Gutierrez of Wrestling is Art (I believe formerly, but correct me if I’m wrong). It’s simply titled The Stardom Incident, and is Sonny’s first person account of what happened at the February 22 Stardom show from Korakuen Hall. As with the aforementioned interview, this story is very well written and gives a clear account of what really happened at the event. Sonny talks about Yasukawa’s passion for pro wrestling, and her attitude going into the main event with Yoshiko.

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