NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 009: Sho Tanaka and the Sinister Soup


If you enjoyed watching Yohei Komatsu’s adventures in sweeping in NJPW SHORT x SHORT 008, then you’re in for a tasty treat with episode 009.

Episode 009 follows Young Lion Sho Tanaka as he is preparing the world’s largest pot of soup. A taste test reveals Tanaka must have gone a little crazy with the salt. Tanaka spends the next minute watering down the soup in the most monotonous manner imaginable. It’s delightful. Just after the two-minute mark, a favourable shirtless Yohei Komatsu makes a cameo and tastes Tanaka’s saline soup. He nearly dies. After what looks like a long day at the office, Hiroshi Tanahashi arrives sporting a white business shirt and tie. Tanaka serves up the giant pot of soup (all for Tanahashi?).

Does Tanahashi enjoy the soup? Will Tanaka become the King of Culinary? Will Yohei Komatsu find his shirt? Watch NJPW SHORT x SHORT 009 to find out!

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