Official: Yoshiko Suspended Indefinitely for Stardom Incident

yoshiko 1

yoshiko 2

Stardom owner Rossy Ogawa held a press conference today at the Zero1 Dojo regarding the February 22 Stardom incident. According to Daily Sports Online, these are the main points from the press conference:

  • Yoshiko has been suspended indefinitely and stripped of the World of Stardom Championship.
  • The outcome of the February 22 main event has been changed from a TKO victory to a No Contest.
  • At the press conference, Yoshiko apologised for the incident and accepted her punishment.
  • It was conformed that the relationship between Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa was not good before the time of the match.
  • Yasukawa’s nose and cheek bone were broken, and she was diagnosed with a concussion due to shaking of both retina. They also stated that her left orbital bone was fractured (*Strange, because it looked like the left. Perhaps it was the right cheekbone).
  • Stardom officials Rossy Ogawa, Fuka, and Nanae Takahashi are all taking a 30% cut in pay.
  • Three changes have been made to Stardom’s Policies:
    1. A ring doctor will be present at all Stardom events.
    2. Closed fist strikes are now completely banned. If even one closed fist strike is thrown, the wrestler who threw the strike will be disqualified.
    3. The third point I couldn’t quite get a clear translation of. I believe that Hojo Kairi is now head of the “Players Association.” I believe that means she will be handling talent relations. Like an intermediary between wrestlers and management. Regular meetings with the wrestlers will be held where opinions and ideas can be exchanged. Hojo Karai will lead the meetings.

I apologise if I have incorrectly translated any points. Please contact me on Twitter @TheKoalaMask, or by email at if you have any corrections or updates.