NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 011: Nice Muscles


Welcome, puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Each week on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring.

Last week, Yohei Komatsu worked the tris and…no that’s literally all that happened. On the upside he was shirtless the entire time. This week, Sho Tanaka shares with us his favourite spot in his home. Spoiler: It’s the most unpractical place possible.

At first watch, this week’s episode looked to be just as uneventful as last week’s. Luckily, Mrs. Koala Mask saved the day and interpreted this week’s video for me. Actually understanding what Sho Tanaka is saying makes a world of difference, and this week’s SHORT x SHORT much more enjoyable.

So the video starts with Sho Tanaka sitting at the bottom of a staircase and doing something on his phone. He explains to the interviewer that the staircase is his favourite place in his home, even though it’s very inconvenient for his housemates.

Proving the point, a forever shirtless Yohei Komatsu walks in and wants to go upstairs, but has to maneuver around Tanaka to do so. As Komatsu passes, Tanaka sneaks a quick feel of Komatsu’s well-defined arms.

Next, the interviewer asks Tanaka what her’s doing on his phone. Tanaka says that he’s reading about ghost stories, curses, and/or urban legends from different small towns in Japan. He adorably notes that he can only read the stories during the day because he’s a total fraidy cat.

Still and always shirtless Yohei Komatsu comes back down the stairs which leads to my favourite moment of the video. As Komatsu passes by Tanaka, Tanaka has just the goofiest smile on his face as he looks at Komatsu with googly eyes. He then gently caresses Yohei’s large muscles. After Komatsu leaves, Tanaka says “iikinniku,” meaning “good muscles” or “nice muscles.”

Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu’s relationship is a thing of beauty.

You can find this week’s NJPW World SHORT x SHORT here