Stardom Sees Increase in Popularity after “The Incident”


After the documented Stardom Incident on February 22, there was warranted concern about Stardom’s future and public image. The Stardom Incident has shown a light on wrestling, but for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps sensing fan backlash, Act Yasukawa, the day after incident which left her hospitalised with multiple fractures, posted a blog (written by her mother, as both of Act’s eyes were swollen closed) apologising to fans for the incident, and appealing to them not to think badly of Stardom, and to continue supporting the women’s promotion in the future. Similar sentiments were expressed by Stardom’s top officials at the press conference held addressing the incident.

It seems the fans have responded to Stardom’s appeals. Tokyo Sports has reported that tickets for Stardom’s upcoming shows have been selling faster than normal. You can find the story here. The story goes on to explain that Stardom runs a regular Korakuen Hall show with smaller shows in-between. According to Tokyo Sports, interest in Stardom has increased, as tickets have been selling faster than usual for the smaller shows. They believe that the fans who usually only go to the popular Korakuen Hall shows are now showing more interest in the smaller shows.

It’s an interesting development for Stardom. I’m happy to see their fans are showing support for the promotion in the best way they can. I don’t want to see the promotion suffer and its image go down the toilet after the incident, but I also don’t want them, or anyone for that matter, to benefit or profit from Yoshiko’s reprehensible actions, and Act Yasukawa’s terrible injuries. It is good news, but it leaves me feeling somewhat uneasy.