NXTea Time with Koala Mask: Corbin Dallases

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WWE NXT, March 4, 2015

This week, Charlotte takes on Women’s Champion Sasha Banks in a NXT Takeover: Rival rematch for the title, Alex Riley gets mad over spilled water, Sami Zayn takes a velfie, and more!

The show starts with a little reminder that Kevin Owens and Finn Balor will wrestle one day. Thanks, recap video!

Alex Riley is in William Regal’s office demanding a match against Owens. Regal gives Riley a choice, competitor or commentator? Instead of answering the question like a normal person, Riley walks off. Suspense!

Adam Rose vs. Tyler Breeze

OK, let’s address the turtle in the room. Literally, Adam rose has a ninja turtle Rosebud now, only a week after I discovered the ninja turtles stable outbreak in Mexico, and the wonderful Michinoku Pro Turtles in Japan. NXT Turtles stable on the horizon? Which 4 wrestlers would be good turtles?

As for the other turtle in the room, what’s going on with Adam Rose, and why do I even bother asking? No one cares. Is the storyline with the rosebuds gone? Are they all happy hipster ravers again? Shrugs. Points for Tyler Breeze for using his selfie stick to warn off the filthy Rosebuds on the way to the ring.

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Nothing much to say about the match. Breeze is great, and thank goodness he beat Rose. I will say this though, Rose’s reaction to Breeze was pretty fantastic.

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Sweet Boy Frosted Flake Wesley Blake and That Australian Kid.

Enzo, Big Cass and Carmella are interviewed backstage about tag champs Blake and Murphy’s sweet talking Carmella last week. Cass said he’s going to slap the bacon off their backs, and Enzo is going to bring home the bacon. Don’t know what that means but it makes me hungry. By the way, guys, That Australian Kid? Why does only Blake get the funny name?

Still backstage, a real life Bratz Doll get an interview. Oh no, sorry, that’s Alexa Bliss. She said she’s ready to take on Sasha again after recovering from a broken nose and emotional damage.

Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Yeah yeah the Dubstep Cowboys won, now can we talk about Fulton’s head gear reminiscent of Kurt Angle? Actually there’s not much to talk about. It’s just awesome.

Dawkins looks like he’s left left Beyond Future behind and is a normal wrestler now.

Kudos to Blake for that nice long distance frog splash on Dawkins, who got tagged in only to be pinned in seconds.

Backstage again, Bayley is getting Charlotte hyped for her match. Charlotte leaves and Emma walks in. Emma is super patronising to Bayley, and rightfully bitter about being back in NXT. This is the way to go for Emma. She was a heel when her popularity started rising, but it flattened out when she was just a goofy good girl in Raw. I’m excited to see her character get a little shake up and begin moving back up the ranks.