NJPW World SHORT x SHORT 012: Love Somebody

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Welcome, puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Each week on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring.

Last week, Sho Tanaka got handsy with Yohei Komatsu’s nice muscles and read scary stories from his favourite spot in his house. This week, Yohei Komatsu performs a menial tasks, and performs and awful rendition of Love Somebody to some toys on the floor of the bathroom. You can see this week’s video here (NJPW World subscribers only).

Yeah so what I just said in the intro is pretty much everything. The video starts out with Yohei performing another terribly menial task. Last time he was sweeping the front of his home, or the dojo. This time he’s scrubbing the shower room floor.

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Once he’s done with the floor, he adds some batch salt to the bath. Truly heart-pounding stuff.

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Things do get good by the end of the video though. In fact, things get pretty amazing. Yohei takes a break from cleaning, and is now performing live music to a garden gnome and some other Japanese figurines on the floor of the bathroom.

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One of the figurines, probably the gnome, requests Love Somebody by Yuji Oda and Maxi Priest. The song is quite famous in Japan. It’s used with the popular movie series Bayside Shakedown.

Here’s the cinematic version of the music video.

Komatsu, I love you, but please don’t quit your day job. Just keep rasslin’ and leave the singing to some one else. Akebono maybe?

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