NJPW SHORT x SHORT #014 Kendama

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Welcome, Puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Each week on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring.

In the last SHORT x SHORT, Sho Tanaka snooped around Yohei Komatsu’s room and foind absolutely nothing interesting! This week, Yohei Komatsu saves his pennies (Yen) and challenges himself to the ultimate game of Kendama.

So, this is a pretty weird one. For whole video, Yohei Komatsu does his usual menial task around what I assume is his home. Today, every time he accomplishes a task, he adds dome money to his money-box (which still sounds very empty).

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Then, Young Lion Yohei Komatsu becomes Young Interior Decorator Yohei Komatsu, when he carefully places a wooden tiger on a bench. Once he found the perfect spot for the tiger, he decides the room now looks perfect, and he rewards himself by adding another coin to his savings.

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The video comes to an end with the ultimate Kendama challenge. A Kendama is a wooden Japanese toy. It has a red ball with a whole in it attached to a string, and the challenge is the swing the ball so that it gets impaled on the wooden spike. It’s usually pretty hard, and almost impossible to do the first time. Komatsu takes the challenge even further by doing it in a squat position, and balancing ornaments on his leg. It was meant to be a test of endurance, but Komatsu, because he’s awesome, nails it in one go.

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The end.

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You can watch this the video on NJPW World here (Subscribers Only).