NJPW SHORT x SHORT #015: A Young Lion and a Wooden Tiger

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Welcome, Puropals, to another NJPW World SHORT x SHORT recap. Each week on NJPW World, a short video, usually one or two minutes, is released which shows us a glimpse of what New Japan’s stars (more recently Young Lions) are up to outside the ring. The most recent video can be found here (NJPW World Subscribers Only).

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On the last episode, Yohei Komatsu kicked the Kendama game’s butt, and showed off his interior decorating skills by expertly positioning a tiger (lion?) statue in a room (dojo?).  On this episode, Sho Tanaka notices the tiger statue. Prepare your nails, ’cause they about to get bitten. From suspense!!!

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So, like I said in the intro, Tanaka notices the tiger. He looks at it with maximum curiosity, and acknowledges that it’s a very high qulality tiger. The tiger is looking towards the window, so he deduces that it probably wants to see what’s outside.

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Then, he moves it so it’s laying flat on the bench. You know, how a normal person would place it. I’m talking to you, Komatsu. Actually, Tanaka mentions that there’s only one person around here who would think this is a good place for a wooden tiger statue. Now is the moment where the episode goes from the usual minute or so of humdrum to off the charts cuteness. First, Tanaka starts scratching the tiger’s chin.

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Then, he puts the tiger on his lap and pets it like it’s his own pet puppy. And that’s the story of how Sho Tanaka became the most adorable Young Lion in the history of the universe.

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The SHORT Story

My big takeaway from the episode is that Sho Tanaka is blowing the roof of the adorability scale. Also, Yohei Komatsu is not a good interior decorator.

Before we go, here’s some great fanart of this week’s episode by @D_TaPlaEmbedded image permalink